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1459060cookie-checkXbox Wireless Mini-Adapter For Windows 10 Coming For $24.99

Xbox Wireless Mini-Adapter For Windows 10 Coming For $24.99

Microsoft announced that starting August 8th, 2017 next week, the Xbox wireless mini-adapter for Windows 10 PCs will be available for $24.99. This will allow gamers to pair up to eight wireless controllers to their PC.

The news was announced over on the official Xbox website, where they detail that the adapter will work for standard desktop PCs running Windows 10, along with laptops and tablets. That’s pretty impressive and would definitely work well for gamers who want to play multiplayer games through their PC using Xbox controllers, especially on Steam. It will also really come in handy for use with the Xbox app on Windows 10 that allow gamers to connect to their Xbox One console and stream games installed on the Xbox hard drive.


This is a redesign of the original Xbox wireless adapter, designed to be 66% smaller than previous wireless Xbox adapters for PC, and allowing for stereo sound support and the ability to connect up to eight wireless controllers at once.

I’m not too fond of wireless adapters because they stick out from the console or PC, and I always worry something might bump and break it, which is what ended up happening once to a USB audio adapter. Even still, it sure beats the old cumbersome Xbox 360 wireless adapter, which looked like a blood pressure monitor.


The more recent Xbox One wireless adapter for PC is almost identical to the new one coming out on August 8th, but it’s a lot longer and protruded from the USB port quite a bit. This newest adapter is a lot more compact. However, if you already have a wireless adapter for your Xbox controllers for use on PC, it’s not really essential to get this newer micro-adapter. Also, if you already have an Xbox controller that with a standard USB wired connector, there’s not much of a reason to get the newer adapter.

Anyway, you can look to grab the adapter from the official Xbox website starting August 8th next week.

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