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FIFA 18 The Journey Ending Explained

EA Sports decided to bring back The Journey to this year’s outing of FIFA 18 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The mode sees the return of Alex Hunter, along with a few new faces. For gamers who don’t have the patience or time to play through the eight hour experience, here’s a quick breakdown explaining the game’s ending.

FIFA 18: The Journey – Alex Hunter Returns starts with Danny Williams and Alex Hunter checking out a street match in Brazil, they duo get in a quick game before heading back to the United Kingdom where they work hard and both Alex and Danny work their way up to the starter line-up on Manchester United.

Eventually Alex gets to the starting line-up and does some press tours, eventually meeting up with his former childhood friend and arch rival, Gareth Walker. During their meeting Gareth warns Alex about his agent, Michael. Gareth tells Alex he heard some unsavory things about Michael.

FIFA 18 The Journey - Gareth Returns

Michael, however, presents Alex with an offer to join Real Madrid after talking with the Premiere League club representative. Alex leaps on the offer as a dream-come-true opportunity.

However, it iurns out that the rep that was talking with Michael was actually fake, and after Alex put in his bid to transfer from Manchester United, he’s left in a horrible position of nearly being out of the league after Michael bungled the deal.

Much to his surprise and chagrin, Alex’s dad comes to his rescue, offering him an opportunity to join MLS’ LA Galaxy in America. Alex accepts the offer after contemplating firing Michael as his agent.

Things aren’t too much better in America, though. Alex and his dad have a rough go of it, with Alex butting heads with his pops due to his dad having left him and his mom in a rough spot while Alex was young.

FIFA 18 The Journey - Deadbeat Dad

LA Galaxy’s coach Gonzalez uses his own life experiences to help guide a troubled Alex onto the right path in life, explaining to him that he he once had an opportunity to do great things but squandered it away. His wisdom keeps Alex’s head cool and level.

But things don’t stay frosty for long, as Alex then discovers he has a half sister who shows up at one of his games. The emotional roller coaster causes the young soccer star to have a falling out with his old man and his half-sister, especially since he was angry that his dad never told him that he had a half-sister.

Alex’s sister, Kim Hunter, goes out of her way to help repair their non-existent relationship by inviting him to one of her games.

Alex, nevertheless, is still angry with his father about not having told him about the other family, but then he learns why his dad walked out on him and his mom: It turns out that Kim’s mother died and Alex’s dad stayed in America to help raise Kim so she wouldn’t end up in foster care. It was the reason why he never returned to England.

FIFA 18 - You're a Hunter

After some hardships of winning over the respect of his teammates on LA Galaxy, Alex eventually helps carry the team to a MLS championship win.

With respect on his shoulders and trophy in his hands, Alex rounds out the season with the LA Galaxy by returning home after making peace with his dad and his sister.

Danny Williams, Alex’s longtime friend, greets him back at home and the two engage in a friendly one-on-one for old time’s sake, foreshadowing things to come for Danny.

In the meantime, Alex’s dad pulls one more big favor for him, opening up trading opportunities with Paris Saint Germain, Atletico Madrid, and FC Bayern Munchen.

During Alex’s journey abroad he ends up catching the wrong side of a meniscal tear in his leg, putting him out of commission for a couple of months. Alex’s granddad, Jim, helps to cheer him up and give him a straight talking about playing it safe and thinking about the career ahead of him.

FIFA 18 - Just Chilling

During this time Danny Williams attempts to revive his own career in Manchester United. Danny ends up helping Manchester fight hard to reach the Premiere League. He even manages to assist the club in beating Liverpool, where Danny gets revenge on behalf of Alex against Gareth Walker, the little turncoat.

Meanwhile, after receiving a pep talk from his sister, and getting his head back in the game, Alex recovers from his knee injury and manages to take his new club to the league finals to win a championship.

After completing the finals and winning one for the team, Alex takes his grandad, Jim, back to America to meet Kim Hunter for the very first time.

The journey ends with Alex receiving a phone call from a representative who wants to turn Alex Hunter into a global icon by getting him into Real Madrid. After making the offer, Alex chuckles in disbelief as the screen fades to black.

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