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FIFA 18 vs PES 18 Comparison

The news on the release of FIFA 18 and PES 18, by EA Sports and Konami, respectively, sparked a wave of excitement for video game lovers. It is no doubt that the two gaming giants in the sporting world have rivaled over the years on who has the best game in terms of the features. Although FIFA has always come on top, PES has given them a run for their money. However, it all comes down to who impresses which gamers depending on what they are looking for. With the release of the trailers for the two games to showcase their unique features, gamers are looking forward to their release into the market. Below are some of the comparisons you can relate and expect to find, come 12th September for PES 18 and 29th September for FIFA 18, which are their release dates:


FIFA made a huge move with the introduction of the Frostbite engine for the FIFA 17. It brought all the magic when it comes to the realism of the game. This improvement on the graphics is taken to FIFA 18 once it is released. It features lively stadium and atmosphere where different crowds act differently as if it was in a real game. Both team and player styles will come out with the FIFA 18. A player like Ronaldo will move or run the same way as he does on the pitch. Also, teams like Barcelona will play their original style in FIFA 18.

Konami has made graphics a priority in their PES 18 version which sets to improve the movement and stadiums. Both games match on this aspect. Players are also able to control the ball using different parts of their bodies with the help of the real touch system.

Game modes

The launch of The Journey story mode for Alex Hunter on FIFA made all the stops in terms of setting up FIFA to a different map over and above PES. It features a single player where his journey is told and how he became a success. This was an impressive add on to FIFA 17 which contributed to about 14 million plays globally. This campaign of The Journey will return to FIFA 18 which is set to have a deeper and involving storyline. The gamer will be able to make a decision on where to play and the like.

PES has Master League mode which gives you an all access to the team both on and off the pitch as the manager. However, it does not bring out a storyline like The Journey which makes it impossible to beat or be in the same level as what FIFA has done.


EA Sports beat Konami when it comes to buying licenses for their games. FIFA has its roots in all major clubs including the English Premier league and La Liga. With that in play, it is more superior to PES in terms of buying licenses. For the FIFA 18, it is still expected to feature those leagues and clubs. This provides their gamers with a wide selection of choices to make in terms of the clubs or leagues to play in. On the other hand, it is not expected that PES 18 will rise up to occasion when the new version comes out for its gamers. This could a major drawback as they are limited when it comes to that.

Online modes

The online mode gives video players the needed flexibility when it comes to playing games. They can form a team or play one on one within a team with other friends. FIFA is no stranger to this, as it has provided an online mode of play for users to enjoy and play against each other. However, it has not been a smooth one. They have recently the return of Ultimate Team for the online mode. Although users have experienced minor delays with this mode, it has improved over the years. Gamers can thus expect to see more of that improvement when the FIFA 18 is officially in the market.

PES, on the other hand, has had bad days with the online mode of play. Serious crashes and delays have engulfed gamers who took it upon to try out this online mode. However, they have included the 2v2 and 3v3 matches for the online mode which is a new improvement for their PES 18 release this year. Since over the years the online mode for PES has been inferior as compared to FIFA, PES 18 might change that to a different narrative.

The two have done well in terms of improving their features to satisfy the tastes and preferences of their players. When it comes to graphics and game modes, they have played a huge role in making sure that those features are well represented as compared to their previous versions. Although PES 18 still focuses on gameplay and graphics, FIFA 18 is still superior over its major nemesis as its additional features are balanced all round. Despite all this, the choice will remain with the player on which game will offer the best user experience. In the end, it is all about preferences and the features you give priority to when playing the games.

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