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1499830cookie-checkThrustmaster’s T. Flight Hotas One Launches For Xbox One, PC October 7th

Thrustmaster’s T. Flight Hotas One Launches For Xbox One, PC October 7th

Thrustmaster announced that the T. Flight Hotas One is set to arrive for the Xbox One and on PC for Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 starting October 7th. The new flight stick will carry a €79.99 price tag when it does launch.

The Hotas One is supposedly designed for realism, utilizing an ergonomic, full-size throttle system, working pedals, pivots, and rudder functionality.

Ahead of the T. Flight Hotas One release, Frontier Developments have rolled out a patch for Elite Dangerous on the Xbox One that specifically adds compatibility for the Hotas One.

Thrustmaster is hailing this as the first major and only realistic flight stick for Microsoft’s Xbox One. It’s amazing that such a high-profile peripheral is just now making its way into the hardware library of the Xbox One some three odd years after the system launched.

It’s quite telling also that there’s been little demand for a flight stick on the Xbox One, presumably because there haven’t been many flight sims released on the system that even require a realistic flight stick.

It’s also equally telling that the only major game to receive a patch for the Hotas One is Elite Dangerous. It’s a real reminder of just how sparse the software line-up is for the eighth generation of home gaming and just how shallow the pool of genres spread for the consoles.

Worse yet is that it feels like we’re nearing the end of eighth gen and there’s only really Elite Dangerous available on Microsoft’s system to really make use of the T. Flight Hotas One.

On the flip-side, however, I imagine PC gamers looking for a new ergonomic joystick may find the Hotas One useful for their endeavors, especially with the deep library of games that already support flight sticks on PC, ranging from classic aeronautical simulators to MMOs.

If you’re keen on learning more about Thrustmaster’s new joystick for Xbox and Windows systems, feel free to visit the official Thrustmaster website. Otherwise you can expect to see it become available starting October 7th.

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