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1513130cookie-checkThrustmaster Dual Joystick T.16000M Joysticks Design For Mechwarrior, Space Sims

Thrustmaster Dual Joystick T.16000M Joysticks Design For Mechwarrior, Space Sims

Thrustmaster has put together a new bundle specifically aimed at Mechwarrior fans with their recently released Dual Joystick T.16000M FSC Space Sim Duo pack. For £99.99 you can get two twin joysticks that can be used for high-end mech-themed simulations… like Mechwarrior or Battletech or classics like Virtual-On: Cybertroopers.

Additionally, if you’re more-so interested in playing space simulators the Dual Joysticks T.16000M FSC Space Sim Duo will enable you to use the two joysticks at once in your favorite space sim, from Elite Dangerous to the unfinished Star Citizen.

According to the press release, the new duo bundle is powered by the extreme precision design of H.E.A.R.T., also known as the HallEffect Accurate Technology, a trademark design from Thrustmaster. It utilizes 3D magnetic sensors to read the stick’s position with precision that’s measured at more than 256 times greater than current joystick sensors. The joysticks also support a resolution of precision of up to 16,000 x 16,000.

If you get both joysticks together they will afford you up to 32 buttons for designated actions, and they come with Braille-style identifiers on the buttons so if you’re visually impaired you can still make out what each button does on the sticks.

Each joystick has a multi-directional HAT, and they also come with rotary rudders lockated on the stick itself that can be used for acceleration or decelleration.

Thanks to the T.A.R.G.E.T., software you’ll be able to customize the stick controls, button layouts, and pair them with other devices. The software also supports mapping buttons to multiple profiles that can also be shared online not unlike Steam profiles for the Steam Controller.

It’s a shame this bundle is coming out while giant mech games are pretty much extinct. Sure Harebrained Schemes has a new Battletech on the way, and there was Hawken, but the new Battletech is a strategy game andHawken is about to die in 2018.

You can learn more about the joysticks and their availability by visiting the official Thrustmaster website.

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