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Super Mario Odyssey Ending Explained

Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey, the latest exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, caused a lot of players to question what was going on with the ending of the game. Well, it’s quite simple and this here article will explain the Super Mario Odyssey ending.

The game starts with Mario fighting Bowser after the evil King Koopa captures Princess Peach. Mario, however, is no match for Bowser this time around and ends up getting beat up, loses his cap, and knocked down into the Cap Kingdom where he meets Cappy, a disembodied cap whose land has been completely ravaged and destroyed by Bowser. Cappy decides to join up with Mario and work as his replacement cap on the condition that they rescue his sister, who has also been captured by Bowser.

In order to catch Bowser they need an airship, so Cappy helps Mario rebuild an airship called The Odyssey, which is powered by Power Moons. The more Power Moons they acquire the farther they can travel. The duo end up traveling around the world to various kingdoms in an attempt to acquire enough Power Moons to fuel The Odyssey and give chase to Bowser’s airship before he can marry Peach on the Moon Kingdom.

Super Mario Odyssey - Broodal

Along the way the duo encounter a group known as the Broodals. They were hired to help organize Bowser’s wedding and take on the necessary task of acquiring a special ring, flowers, and cake (among other items) as they attempt to give Bowser the perfect wedding on the moon. Cappy and Mario battle with the Broodals throughout each of the kingdoms to foil the group’s plans.

Mario travels with Cappy across the Cap Kingdom, Cascade Kingdom, Sand Kingdom, Lake Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, Cloud Kingdom, Lost Kingdom, Metro Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, Snow Kingdom, Luncehon Kingdom, Bowser’s Kingdom and finally to the Moon Kingdom in order to stop the reptile from marrying Princess Peach.

After an arduous journey through various worlds and after defeating all of the Broodals, Mario and Bowser have an epic showdown where Cappy is able to capture Bowser, which allows Mario to take control of the rampaging reptile. Mario uses Bowser to break out of the moon kingdom as the fortress falls to pieces.

Super Mario Odyssey - Princess Peach

Once they get outside, Mario walks toward Peach but Bowser finally wakes up and rushes over to give Peach the flowers. Mario is shocked and runs over to Peach with his own set of flowers. The two begin fighting for Peach’s affection. However, Peach – in a fit of acting like a stuck up feminist – decides to completely ignore all the troubles Mario went through and leaves both him and Bowser behind.

Peach then puts her stuck-up feminist attitude in overdrive and starts up the airship Mario risked his life to rebuild, and begins leaving both Mario and Bowser behind on the destroyed Moon Kingdom while stealing The Odyssey.

In a last second effort to show some sort of gratefulness, Peach waves for both Mario and Bowser to come over to the ship while it’s taking off. Mario quickly races over and leaps off Bowser’s head to get onto The Odyssey before the credits roll.

Super Mario Odyssey - Peach Liberated

In a post-credit scene we discover that after returning Peach to her castle, she packs up her bags, leaves and goes on an adventure all on her own.

Mario and Cappy continue their adventures and discover new kingdoms; along the way they run into Peach, who has gone traveling around the world with Cappy’s sister. Peach and Tiara also offer Mario a bit of aid along the way while they collect hats from different kingdoms. In the end, however, Peach is still stuck-up and doesn’t put out for Mario.

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