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1545400cookie-checkBandai Namco Claims Dark Souls Remastered Never Had A 50% Off Deal

Bandai Namco Claims Dark Souls Remastered Never Had A 50% Off Deal

Bandai Namco has a new European community manager answering questions and seeking to solve issues for the company. One recent issue that seems to have popped up surrounds that of a “50% off” Dark Souls Remastered deal that is said to have never been in implemented, although there’s some info out there showing otherwise.

Several publication sites have posted that there will be a 50% off deal for owners of Dark Souls if they decide to purchase Dark Souls Remastered. Some sites say different things about this 50% off deal, but it all boils down to a half-off discount on the game for original owners.

According to a new Bandai Namco EU community manager, the whole thing is said to be false and never existed:

“Hi guys, Izmar here, new community manager for Bandai Namco EU. Nice to meet you all! I just wanted to step in very quickly and say that right now, we haven’t officially announced anything about the subject of a discount. I’m not sure who PCGamer’s source is, but it seems like they could be someone who isn’t in the loop about what’s going on, RE: discounts.”

You can read both the PCGamer piece and Bandai Namco EU community manager post at their respective locations through the given links.

Seeing that PCGamer was targeted in the notice by Bandai Namco EU community manager and went as far as to update the post on PCGamer, you’d think that this was false information stirred up right?

Well, thanks to a user by the name of Quickshooter, we learn that Bandai Namco official website actually showed a 50% off deal that has magically vanished after the new community manager for Bandai Namco EU addressed the situation.


Quickshooter’s post was posted up 24 hours ago as of this writing, whereas the community manager’s post comes in five hours ago as of this writing:



More information on this situation by Bandai Namco is set to come out sometime soon according to the community manager.

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