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1507720cookie-checkFarmer’s Dynasty Returns To Steam Following False DMCA Row

Farmer’s Dynasty Returns To Steam Following False DMCA Row

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a two-edged sword, supposedly designed to protect copyrighted works but also used at times as a weapon to cut content creators off from their very own intellectual properties. The latter case is what befell Toplitz Productions and UMEO Studios’ Farmer’s Dynasty, which recently underwent a revenue-forfending event where a DMCA claim caused their game to get removed temporarily from Steam.

The game’s launch into Early Access back in January of 2018 was upended quickly when it was hit with a DMCA claim. After sharing the news on the forums, the developers got to work on resolving the issue so that they could get their game back onto Steam. When DMCA claims hit a game on Steam, Valve usually has to respond by removing said game from the Steam store until the situation is resolved. Well, today Toplitz Productions announced that the situation was resolved.

In a very brief press notice the developers stated…

“We are happy to announce that Farmer’s Dynasty is back on Steam. The DMCA claim has been rejected and the game is now available again for players all around the world!”

During the time when Farmer’s Dynasty was removed from Steam, UMEO Studios didn’t sit around idly twiddling their thumbs. The developers were hard at work on fixing some of the bugs, updating the content and adding in all new gameplay features, such as a traffic helper system, new furniture and room packages, new greenhouse features that have manual watering, new farm statistics, and the ability to have NPCs working the fields.

Unlike other farming sims out there like Giants Software’s Farming Simulator, you have a lot more control over the personal life and growth of your character in Farmer’s Dynasty. You can go around town, get hitched, pop some babies out your old lady’s stomach, and even hire some farm hands to help you along the way.

The family and domestic aspects of Farmer’s Dynasty makes it more akin to a realistic, Western-take on Harvest Moon, or a 3D version of Stardew Valley but without the combat.

Farmer’s Dynasty is currently available in Early Access over on the Steam store for $29.99.

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