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1463820cookie-checkOverwatch League Loses 13.5% More Viewership In Week 3

Overwatch League Loses 13.5% More Viewership In Week 3

The third week of Blizzard’s multi-million dollar e-sports endeavor in the form of the Overwatch League has hit another new low instead of a high. Numbers for the third week in viewership have been published in a report by the eSports Observer, where they reveal that even though the game accrued a cumulative 3.2 million hours of viewership over the third week of competition, it was actually a 13.5% decrease from week two.

While Overwatch fans are desperately clinging to the pants of hope that the game will catch on with mainstream audiences like a teary-eyed child clinging to their parent’s leg as ICE shows up to issue them deportation papers, the reality is that the numbers aren’t looking good for Blizzard’s overtly expensive e-sports endeavor.

According to the charts, week three’s decrease actually saw total viewership drop below 100,000 and almost as low as the upper range of 80,000 during the first two days in the third week of competition.

Overwatch League Week 3 Viewership Numbers

Of course, the cumulative numbers spiked thanks to South Korea.

The Korean team of Seoul Dynasty taking on New York Excelsior was enough to spike viewership to above 182,000 viewers. However, as far as averages are concerned, it wasn’t enough to top out over the second week, which actually saw a massive decline of nearly 65% of its viewers from the first week.

Even during the peak spike on the third day of the third week, the Overwatch League’s numbers still didn’t climb out over the averages of the second week.

What this means is that now that the big games are under the belt and the League is in full swing, we’re seeing steady declines on each week across aggregated channels for concurrent viewership.

In plain ‘ole English, the Overwatch League seems to be dying each week.

For reference, Riot Games’ nine-year-old League of Legends averages around 127,000 viewers and peaks at close to 300,000 on a week-to-week basis, according to Sullygnome. And those figures are just for regular season games, not tournament play nor for international champion matches.

For the Overwatch League, we still don’t know where or when the fluctuation will taper off, but we’ll likely get a decent idea at some point during the fifth or sixth week, where numbers will stabilize and the hype will have worn off. At that point we’ll be able to gauge and see what the consistent fan base numbers are like for Blizzard’s e-sports league, and where the normative averages will fall.

For the most part it looks like the numbers could be somewhere well below 100,000 as an average if the current trend in declines is anything to go by. What we do know is that the game also failed to make the top 5 most watched content on Twitch between January 22nd and January 28th, as noted by the eSports Observer, showing a massive disinterest from the core gaming communities and other established e-sports markets.

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