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1507750cookie-checkShanghai Dragons Sates Media Complaints, Recruits Female Overwatch Player Geguri

Shanghai Dragons Sates Media Complaints, Recruits Female Overwatch Player Geguri

The media launched a concentrated assault against the teams of the Overwatch League for not having the female e-sports player, Kim “Geguri” Seyeon on any of the teams. Many of the teams had press-savvy responses ready but it wasn’t enough to curb all the negative media attention the teams and the League received from the Intersectional Inquisition that controls all of the major gaming media outlets.

As a way to appease the Leftist media, Shanghai Dragons announced that during the Stage 2 section of the Overwatch League they will have a female professional player on the team in the form of Kim “Geguri” Seyeon.

The announcement was made via Twitter.

The description reads…

“[Geguri] competed during the group stages of APEX Season 4. Geguri’s Zarya win rate reached 80% on the Korean server [at] one point, resulting in the community giving her nicknames like “World’s Best Zarya” and “God Zarya.” Geguri expanded her hero pool recently and now plays D.Va at top level as well. She will be a strong addition to the tank line of Shanghai Dragons.”

If you read through the descriptions of the other teammates, they either have won their previous tournaments, won championships or placed within the top spots of tournament play. They avoid mentioning or naming any of those accolades for Geguri.

In fact, according to the Liquipedia, Geguri doesn’t appear to have any championship wins in the professional e-sports circuit to her name, and the highest achievement in the tournament scene that was accomplished was placing second at the Nexus Cup Recall Season. The last team she played for, the EHOME Spear, never placed higher than the qualifier tier during tournament play, as noted on Liquipedia.

Regardless, the Shanghai Dragons have never won a match in the previous stage and so they likely feel they have nothing to lose being the first team to bend the knee to the media and extend the roster by adding a female player to the roster.

Of course, this doesn’t account for a much bigger issue, which is the flailing viewership stats for the Overwatch League. The e-sports endeavor hasn’t been the casual-capture point that Blizzard thought it would be, and now they’re desperate to make good on their expensive deal they signed with Twitch. They’re giving away free stuff such as skins and emotes as a way to force people to tune into watching Overwatch on the streaming service.

Blizzard made the announcement over on the official website, where they state…

“Overwatch League and Twitch are partnering up for Overwatch League Cheering, which allows fans to rally around their favorite teams on Twitch. Beginning February 21, you can Cheer for teams and unlock in-game loot like skins and Twitch emotes!”

Essentially Twitch and Blizzard now have to bribe people just to watch the game by promising free stuff for those who tune in and cheer for their favorite team.

There’s a catch, however, you’ll have to link your Twitch account with your ID.

If you don’t know why this could be a dangerous thing, keep in mind that Blizzard monitors off-site activity and can ban you from Overwatch for being “toxic” on other social media sites. So if you decide to link up your account, you’ll have to tone police your behavior, otherwise you could end up getting banned from Overwatch.

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