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1516060cookie-checkARK: Survival Evolved Heads To Retail And eShop This Fall For Nintendo Switch

ARK: Survival Evolved Heads To Retail And eShop This Fall For Nintendo Switch

Studio Wildcard announced that they have teamed up with Abstraction Games to port the full version of ARK: Survival Evolved to the Nintendo Switch. The gigantic dinosaur-themed survival game is set to release this fall for Nintendo’s little Switch that could.

You’ll be able to purchase the full version of the game as a physical copy from a retail store near you, or you can download a copy of the game from Nintendo’s eShop.

Jeremy Stieglitz, Studio Wildcard’s design director and creative director, mentioned in the press release…

“With this new version, Switch players can go directly from hunting and taming while sitting on the couch, to forming online tribes and searching out new conquests when on the bus, waiting in line, or wherever they happen to be.”

The Switch version of the game will feature more than 100 dinosaurs and fantasy creatures, the main ARK island, and the solo and multiplayer ARK experience.

You’ll be able to kill, tame or befriend the animals, and either hunt with teammates or hunt down foes.

The game will be optimized for both mobile and TV mode play.

While this might seem like a shocking bit of news… in reality it’s not.

Just a week ago Studio Wildcard announced that they’ve teamed up with War Drum Studios to port ARK: Survival Evolved to iOS and Android devices. They’re holding their first wave of closed beta invitations at this year’s GDC at the Moscone Center at Epic Games’ booth #801.

The mobile version of the game is due for release this spring following the limited closed beta testing sessions. The mobile version will be a smaller version of the main game, featuring only 80 dinosaurs and some of the areas from the PC and console renditions of ARK: Survival Evolved.

So why is this significant? Because there’s likely going to be some crossover engineering when it comes to getting the Switch version of ARK: Survival Evolved running at decent frame-rates in portable mode, and the mobile versions of ARK: Survival Evolved.

Obviously the Switch version will contain the same content as the other home console versions on the PS4 and Xbox One, but don’t be surprised if graphically it falls closer to the iOS version.

When the first gameplay footage actually appears we’ll be able to properly tell exactly how the Switch version will be engineered. For now, you can look forward to ARK: Survival Evolved launching on Nintendo’s console both on the Nintendo eShop and at local retailers this fall.

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