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Gearbox Job Listings For Stellar AAA Seek Devs With Next Gen Console Experience

A new batch of job listings have gone up over at Gearbox for a “stellar AAA” game. This follows on the news of Gearbox Québec looking for developers to make a triple-A game. The jobs posted for Gearbox desire developers who have experience with current or next generation consoles so that they can make an FPS game that flaunts single-player and multiplayer functionality.

Notice: The game or games in question that are currently under development at Gearbox may change later down the line, meaning that some of the descriptions may be inaccurate. However, take the following information with a grain of salt given that a lot can change from now to when an announcement is made.

Randy Pitchford recently retweeted a tweet from Matt Cox, Senior Designer at Gearbox Software, which both tweets can be seen below.

It’s worth noting that whatever this “project” is, it’s far from releasing any time soon given that a few Senior positions are up, as well as vital positions to make an early build of whatever this is.

Positions that are up include the following:

Art and Animation





Looking over to the Senior Project Producer, it calls for accountability for “full production and release cycle of a stellar AAA game.” As for the Animation Programmer, it calls for participants to have “current and/or next generation console experience.”

As for the Mission Designer, plans to pitch “original ideas for missions in first person shooter games” will be a thing and having “shipped games using Unreal 4 technology.” The same position calls for “experience with the certification and shipping process on modern consoles,” and “co-op and/or online multiplayer experience.”

Lastly, The Level Designer description reads:

“Gearbox Software is looking for a passionate senior level designer to join us in crafting upcoming first person shooters. This role involves working with the Lead Level Designer and Creative Director to pitch, build, polish, and ship levels using Unreal Engine 4.


Responsibilities: Develop single player and cooperative levels based on existing game design documents, direction from project leadership, and collaboration with peers.


Required Skills and Experience: Have shipped a AAA title, with a preference towards Unreal technology and first person shooters.”

You can play detective to find out more about this project or projects by heading on over to

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