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24 March 2018

Ni No Kuni 2 Guide: How To Gain Endgame XP Fast

If you are on PS4 and you’re in search for an XP guide that contains some spoilers for Bandai Namco and Level-5’s Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, this very guide will cover just that and then some. Ni No Kuni 2 is out now for PC via Steam, and PS4.

Firstly, there may be other ways to obtain XP fast, however it’s handy to know that you’ll gain XP points by doing quests, beating enemies, and doing story missions. This also ignores the combination of three characters you have selected to go into battle.

In addition to the above, XP sharing will distribute to each of the three characters, but it will primarily go to the character you assume. To counter this very situation, switch characters in and out by simply going to the “Party” menu and switching the character you want to level in the top three.

As a side note, when a story quest pops up and has you assume Evan or Roland, it may disrupt your leveling plan. Just make sure to switch out characters accordingly to distribute XP how you’d like.

Endgame Fast Leveling

If you want to gain fast XP at endgame there’s a method for you. This endgame method is fast, but there might be another way to gain even faster XP. For now it’s possible to beat the game around level 50-60, yet you’ll likely notice monsters at certain points that flaunt levels of 90 or higher.

Thanks to PowerPyx, one of the fastest ways to accrue XP and levels is to fight the final story boss over and over. You can fight it an infinite amount of times, which if done right you can beat him around five minutes or so.

To maximize XP gained, make sure to equip each of your characters with the “Necklace of Enlightenment.” It’s also suggested that you research everything at the “Basic Training Ground & Officer’s Training Ground” and assign six people to the Sage’s Salon.

If you do the aforesaid and beat the final boss multiple times within six hours you should jump from your current level by 20-25 levels. You can watch PowerPyx‘s video guide to earning XP quick right here.

It’s best to explore and find other ways to gain XP, but for now this method should come in handy for those looking to gain quick XP on PS4.

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