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26 March 2018

A Way Out – Endings Explained

Hazelight and Electronic Arts’ A Way Out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One kind of took gamers by surprise with its co-op gameplay and cinematic story. The game has multiple endings depending on the choice you make involving the two main characters, Vincent and Leo.

The game starts with Vincent being bussed into prison, and Leo watching the bus come into the prison.

A Way Out - Diamond Trade

During the game, Vincent tells Leo that he used to work for a bank, and he was convicted for the murder of his own brother and sent to prison. It turns out that Harvey actually had Vincent’s brother killed when Vincent decided he didn’t want any part of Harvey’s money laundering scheme anymore.

Leo explains that he ended up in prison after he was backstabbed by Harvey. The two were actually thieving partners, and they managed to acquire a rare diamond. During the trade-off with the buyer, Harvey kills the buyer and attempts to kill Leo. However, Leo manages to avoid getting killed but gets hit by Harvey who drives off in a car. Before Leo can escape the cops end up apprehending him.

A Way Out - Harvey Backstabs Leo

Leo and Vincent devise a rather complicated plan to escape from prison in order to plot a way to get revenge against Harvey for screwing both of them over.

The duo manage to barely escape the cops, and are pursued all the way from the countryside into the city.

They don’t have much of a plan to stop Harvey, so they first decide to find him by tracking down one of Harvey’s underlings at a construction site where they attempt to find out where Harvey is hiding.

They find out that Harvey has a mansion located somewhere in Mexico. They decide that they’ll need bigger guns before they can take on the criminal mastermind and opt to rob a few places to make some quick cash.


After robbing a gas station, Leo and Vincent meet with the stereotypical, sassy, afro-wearing black chick who sells them some guns.

The black chick also rats out Leo and Vincent to Harvey. Harvey then hires a hitman to take them out.

The duo manage to take out the hitman, and Vincent finds out that his wife just gave birth to a baby girl during his phone call to a close friend named Emily, whom he uses to charter a plane to Mexico.


Vincent visits his wife, Carol, and baby daughter in the hospital before heading off to Mexico.

The duo drop by the hangar where they meet the pilot, Emily, who agrees to take them to the Mexican jungle where Harvey’s compound is located.

Vincent and Leo manage to Rambo their way through the compound, killing Harvey’s men and blasting up his mansion like an Oliver Stone flick.

In a final showdown with Harvey, the two manage to wound him and follow him back to his office where he offers to give them the diamond in exchange for his life. However, while reaching in the safe to get the diamond Harvey grabs a gun and attempts to take Leo or Harvey hostage. The two shoot their way out of the situation by peppering Harvey with more rounds than a common week in Chicago.


After a daring chase through the jungle, they manage to escape back to the plane and fly back to the United States.

However, when the plane arrives, a bunch of police enforcement agents are waiting for them. Emily nods to Vincent, and the chief hands a gun to Vincent.

It turns out that Vincent was an undercover cop all along.

Vincent’s brother was the one at the deal with Leo and Harvey. Vincent was in the surveillance van while the trade was going down. Harvey killed Vincent’s brother, Gary, during the trade and took off with the Black Orlov diamond.

In the flashback we see that Vincent offered to go undercover as a criminal in order to get close to Leo and find out where the Black Orlov is and to apprehend Harvey.

This is why the first thing that Vincent does when he gets to prison is request to speak with Leo.

A Way Out - Explosive Results

When Vincent reveals that he’s an FBI agent, Leo becomes enraged and disarms Vincent, taking his gun and turning it on him. Leo manages to take Vincent hostage while the police chase after them.

Leo crashes the car into the water and the two escape into the water. Leo, however, manages to commandeer a boat and drive toward a harbor.

Emily and Vincent chase Leo to the harbor before the rest of backup arrives.

Leo proceeds to disarm Emily and forces her to leave the scene.

Vincent finds and confronts Leo… telling him that they’ll give him a reduced sentence if he turns himself in.

A Way Out - Leo vs Vincent

Leo declines the offer and the two get into a vicious shootout.

During the final fight, if Leo wins, Vincent will get shot in the heart and will die on the rooftop. He will tell Leo to give a latter he wrote to Carol.

A Way Out - Vincent's Funeral

Leo’s Ending

In Leo’s ending he takes the letter to Carol’s front door, rings the bell and leaves the letter at the doorstep.

Leo drives off before Carol can see him. He returns to his wife and son at the motel before they drive off into the distance. Meanwhile we see Vincent’s funeral taking place, where Carol mourns the death of her husband.

A Way Out - Carol's Letter

Vincent’s Ending

In Vincent’s ending, he manages to retrieve the sub-machine gun and shoot Leo, killing him on the rooftop after they engage in a fist fight.

Leo is shot in the heart, bleeding out in the rain while Vincent holds his hand.

Vincent somberly walks away after Leo dies.

Afterward, Vincent heads to the trailer park where Leo’s family is staying.

Vincent tells Leo’s wife about what happened, leaving her to sob uncontrollably over the death of her husband. Destroying what little remained of their lives leaves Vincent grief-stricken.

However, Vincent returns home to his wife and baby daughter. He gives Carol the letter he wrote in the plane ride back from Mexico, and apologizes, claiming that he’s resigning from the bureau.

Carol invites Vincent in as they attempt to repair their broken marriage.

Another short clip plays showing Leo’s wife and his son Alex at his diminutive headstone, mourning over the spot where he was buried. The two embrace in a hug while the screen fades to black.


TL;DR: Vincent works for the FBI. His brother is killed by a criminal named Harvey during a diamond trade gone bad. Harvey betrays his partner-in-crime, Leo, and takes the diamond and the money for himself, leaving Leo to be arrested by the cops. Vincent wants to take down Harvey and decides to go undercover as a prisoner in order to befriend Leo and find out where Harvey is staying. The plan works and the two break out of prison, track down Harvey, kill him, and retrieve the diamond. When they return from the adventure the FBI are waiting for them, and Vincent attempts to arrest Leo but a fight ensues, resulting in either Leo or Harvey dying at the end.

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