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1529460cookie-checkBioWare Claims That They’re Working Hard On Anthem For EA Play And E3 2018

BioWare Claims That They’re Working Hard On Anthem For EA Play And E3 2018

There’s no denying that controversy has a permanent place surrounding both EA and BioWare. Well, no matter the controversy around the two there will be a showing of Anthem at EA Play and E3 2018 this year. However, Brenon Holmes claims that BioWare is working hard on content that will be at both events and that the previous Anthem gameplay video represents the current state of the game.

Whether you are excited or heavily against Anthem, or indifferent to it, EA and BioWare seem to be going full steam from here on out on the looter shooter RPG’s development.

According to two topics that popped up on Reddit that BioWare’s technical design director, Brenon Holmes, responded to, it is said that content for Anthem at EA Play and E3 2018 is under “a lot of” work.

The first topic spawned from a Reddit user named Smita16 inquiring about the disappearance of Holmes can be read right here:

“So I do remember about a month ago he disappeared for about a week because they were nearing and completed a milestone. So what do you think they are working on now? Maybe getting the beta ready? God I hope.”

This lead to another user by the name of ThatTwitchGuy responding to Smita16 with the following:

“Right now? They are no doubt working late and weekends to finish up whatever they will be presenting at E3. The crunch leading up to showing off your game is pretty intense.”

To confirm ThatTwitchGuy’s response, Holmes came on behind him and stated:

“Yep everyone is currently working pretty hard! We’re doing a lot of iterating and polish on the content that will be the focus for EA Play / E3.”

The second topic that had Holmes chime in came DarthArt007’s question, which reads:

“Is the game play we’ve seen so far still representative of the game?”

Holmes responded with the following answer:

Yep! I’m sure you’ll see confirmation of this “soon”.

In other words, Anthem will supposedly resemble its original trailer moving forward in development without any compromises made.

So what does all of this mean? Well, it means that folks who attend EA Play will get to see Anthem content and those who attend E3 2018 will see even more of Anthem. Additionally, both showcases of the game will supposedly represent everything shown in the 2017 official teaser trailer.

Anthem is set to release sometime in 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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