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1527540cookie-checkThe Legend Of Zelda: Ballads Of Hyrule Album Drops May 1st

The Legend Of Zelda: Ballads Of Hyrule Album Drops May 1st

Materia Collective announced that the Legend of Zelda: Ballads of Hyrule ablum, featuring some fantastic instrumental tunes from Rozen, will be available starting May 1st, 2018 for $10.

Pre-orders for the album have currently gone live over on the Bandcamp page.

On the upside you can actually listen to the album ahead of its release on May 1st. You can grab a listen below courtesy of the embed.

A complete list of the soundtrack can be viewed below:

01. Fairy’s Tears
02. Ballad of the Windfish
03. Lost in the Wind
04. Sheik’s Devotion
05. Kass’s Theme
06. Moonlit Stroll on Dragoon Roost Island
07. Zora’s Domain
08. Serenade of Water
09. Kakariko Village
10. Stables ~ Epona
11. Come Visit From Time to Time
12. Song of Storms
13. Nayru’s Love
14. Din’s Fire
15. Farore’s Wind

Rozen explained the musical theme behind this latest album, which seems to combine the new age flavors of John Tesh with the relaxed nature of the traditional Legend of Zelda symphonic tones. According to the arranger, this sequel to the album Sins of Hyrule is given a more contemplative tapestry, mentioning in the press release…

“The goal is to draw you into the more contemplative side of the lands of Hyrule; a nocturnal walk that feeds on the gifts left by the three goddesses: Nayru, Farore and Din, captured in nature.”

The mastering is absolutely top notch here, with the piano echoing through the rest of the ensemble with the kind of bravado one might expect from a lead character during the silver age of Hollywood filmmaking.

If you prefer having physical vessel for the musical makings of Rozen’s latest work, a CD album will be available starting July 1st this summer for $25. Additionally, a vinyl of the album will be available for $35 starting the third quarter of 2018. You’ll have to work fast on the vinyls, though, because they will be available in limited quantities… 500, to be exact.

Pre-orders for the digital, CD, and vinyl versions of The Legend of Zelda: Ballads of Hyrule are available right now over on the Bandcamp page. You can also follow Rozen through the official audio website.

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