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1521020cookie-checkNexon Is Being Fined For Lack Of Drop Rate Transparency In Sudden Attack And CSO2

Nexon Is Being Fined For Lack Of Drop Rate Transparency In Sudden Attack And CSO2

Nexon is reported to face two fines for their service setup when it comes to percentage chance for games like Sudden Attack and Counter-Strike Online 2 (CSO2). The company has come forth and acknowledged that percentage chance will debut in their games this April, but Nexon is reported to be against the penalties currently setup against them.

According to publication site, Nexon is in trouble due to its “gacha system” implemented in Sudden Attack and CSO2. The system is reported to be unfair against consumers, and used to manipulate funds due to its vague percentage drop rate.

The publication site notes that this whole thing can be traced back a few months ago when Nexon got into hot water with the Fair Trade Commission (FTC), as the company did not come forth with a transparent model on their service system.

It is worth mentioning that the case actually dates back to November 2016, when controversy sparked due to players of Sudden Attack were tasked with purchasing loot boxes to try and obtain 16 puzzle pieces to assemble a full picture, which would grant an in-game digital prize.

In addition to the above, the site reports that the company got into trouble with the FTC since the percentage rate was as low as 1.5% and 0.5%. This low percentage rate has landed Nexon in the pit of cheating consumers.

According to the report over on the publication site, Nexon will be fined twice for both games, with penalties sitting around $5,000, and $900,000.

As mentioned above, Nexon, on April 1st, reported that they will add the percentage chance to obtain various items in all of their games sporting service-like features. However, it is said that Nexon appears to be against the penalties set in place.

Time will tell what will come of all of this, and whether or not if Nexon will try to fight back.

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