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1528370cookie-checkNo Man’s Sky Alternate Reality Game Continues Through W/Are

No Man’s Sky Alternate Reality Game Continues Through W/Are

Hello Games have been using cryptic updates to inform gamers and fans alike on the status of No Man’s Sky. The cryptic tactic has been used via the alternate reality game (ARG) to seed bite-sized information about various updates. A new part of the ARG called W/Are has been made available and is continuing the program right now. No Man’s Sky is out now for PC and PS4 and coming soon for Xbox One.

Thanks to mod UnimatrixZeroOne over on, we learn that the ARG is still going strong. If you want to keep up on all things No Man’s Sky and what has been going down with the ARG you can visit

Firstly, the ARG is a community-like game that uses real puzzles to figure out information about No Man’s Sky’s future updates. Additionally, Waking Titan was the last ARG that hinted at the release of Atlas Rises.

As of now, the Waking Titan mystery has re-opened and is prompting curious fans to investigate and search the website “W/ARE.” According to mod UnimatrixZeroOne, players have met up with W/ARE at PAX East and obtained four USB drives containing secret information.

Some of the information on the USB drives were uncovered and revealed login details to access the “W/ARE developer extranet” through the account of Arnaud Lacours.

Moreover, the mod posted up that W/ARE has partnered with other indie developers including Hello Games, and is encouraging ARG participants to form teams and submit game pitches to partners with the company. W/ARE’s game pitch contest aims to select five premium partners, each of which will receive a W/ARE dev kit.

The mod also posted up a handy list of links related to player-made and official W/ARE channels, as seen below:

No Man’s Sky is out now for PC and PS4 and will hit Xbox One sometime this summer via the NEXT update.

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