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1541640cookie-checkGhost Of Tsushima Recent Job Listings Describe It To Be A Visually Striking AAA Game

Ghost Of Tsushima Recent Job Listings Describe It To Be A Visually Striking AAA Game

Ghost of Tsushima is Sucker Punch’s upcoming game, which will drop exclusively for PS4 sometime in the future. However, the game in question set during the feudal period of Japan has a couple of new job listings that describe it to be a “visually striking” “AAA” game.

Sucker Punch hasn’t released any in-game footage of Ghost of Tsushima yet, meaning that there will be a lot to discover when PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios takes a look at the game during E3 2018.

However, ahead of this year’s E3 comes information from Sucker Punch’s career page. The page reflects a brand new job listing and an older job listing that highlights what gamers can expect before the event.

The newest job listing, Outsource Artist, reiterates that Ghost of Tsushima needs “higher quality” talent to make the world come to life, which is also backed up by the second job listing, Senior Environment Artist, that calls for someone to help make a “AAA” game:

“Are you looking to work in a creative and fun environment where you can work with a tight knit team and have a big impact in creating a AAA game?  Sucker Punch is looking for a self-driven Senior Environment Artist to use their strong modeling, texturing, and technical skills to inspire and create compelling worlds that push the boundary of gameplay, art and story-telling on PlayStation 4.”

The listing continues and reads:

“Collaborate with the art and design teams to design and layout game play spaces and create visually striking game environments.”

The interesting part about the whole AAA part is that Sucker Punch never labeled Ghost of Tsushima as one. In addition, the team never referred to the game as a AAA title on, nor during the 2017 interview, nor during the PSX 2017 panel, or on the

Given that the recent job listings confirm that Ghost of Tsushima is an AAA game means that we won’t likely see a 2018 release. Sony and Sucker Punch will more than likely want the new PS4 exclusive IP to have some room to breathe at launch, meaning that a 2019/2020 launch seems like a more reasonable move.

The good news is that a showing of the game will drop next month, so we’ll see how “visually striking” this upcoming “AAA” title will look at this year’s E3.

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