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Fallout 76 Rumors Claim Skills Are Back In Full Force

The same anonymous user(s) who leaked Fallout 76 ahead of its official announcement, seems to have more information about the upcoming game, which is set to have its gameplay debut at E3 this year.

If you haven’t been paying attention, ahead of the announcement of Fallout 76 on May 30th, there were comments shared across 4chan indicating that Fallout 76 would be announced. These posts preceded the official announcement by up to six months. As reported by GameRant, Twitter user Nibel captured the posts, which date back as far as December 17th, 2017.

The other two posts arrived on May 12th, 2018, and again on May 29th, 2018, with the most recent one being posted a day before Bethesda officially announced the game with a teaser.

The latest info dump could or could not be reliable, but it was also posted on 4chan, so there’s a high likelihood it’s still unreliable. In either case, the 4chan thread spawned a lot of discussion and speculation based on a few credible sounding things and a few non-credible facts.

For instance, the user followed up on their previous Fallout 76 messages by claiming…

“The game is still an RPG
“Voiced protagonist is optional.
“More dialogue options
“Proper skills are back
“There is a major emphasis on ”rebuilding” aka settlement building, which a couple of players can partake in doing, or you can go solo and do it or you can just flat out ignore it.


“Main quest line, and yeah bethesda actually listened to Fallout 4’s feedback. They are aiming for a plethora of side quests that aren’t just radiant.


“Since it’s only a few decades after the Great War many people and remnant factions are still around. Many military veterans, police officers, doctors etc.


“Main (personal story) is vault tec focused and an example of a major player in the story is an Irish ghoul who also acts as one of the games 5 companions, this guy is a great character who designed many of the vaults and who was married to Stanislaus Braun’s daughter, but whose work was stolen by Braun and twisted into the vault tec experiments of which the ghoul feels immense guilt for. He calls vault 76 the only true example of what his work was intended for.”

Now keep in mind that while some of this stuff might seem intriguing, there’s a pretty big caveat that ruins the credibility of this post. It’s near the very end where the user writes…

“Yeah Bethesda are switching the lore up a good bit, precursors to the BOS are somehow in Virginia, even though they originated in California… Can’t say I was happy to find that out. It’s pretty lazy.


“But the main quest is written by Chris Avellone so it should be good. Secondary main quest aka the faction wars are written by [Emil Pagliarulo] as are many of the side quests…”

Emil Pagliarulo is a design director at Bethesda, and he was promoted to that position back in May of 2016, according to his LinkedIn profile.

While that might seem to verify what the anon typed out, the downside to that rumor is that Chris Avellone has denied being involved with Fallout 76, replying to a fan on Twitter who asked the question on May 30th, 2018.

What led some people to believe that Avellone was writing the stories for Fallout 76 was because back in October of 2017, TweakTown did a report indicating that Avellone had updated his social media accounts with the following images:

Some speculated that he was back working on Fallout or some other project for Bethesda, but with his most recent tweet, it appears that he is not.

So what do you think? Do you think that the anons got lucky, as mentioned by GameRant, and guessed Fallout 76 as far back as December, 2017? Or are the rumors potentially true?

It doesn’t really matter either way given that Bethesda will officially unveil the gameplay at this year’s E3 in just two week’s time.

(Thanks for the news tip Phasmatis75)

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