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1549590cookie-checkMark Darrah Explains His View On Mass Effect: Andromeda And Its Performance

Mark Darrah Explains His View On Mass Effect: Andromeda And Its Performance

Mass Effect: Andromeda has had a lot of issues in that even BioWare’s Executive Producer of Anthem and Dragon Age, Mark Darrah, had to admit to it in a string of tweets. However, he took it a step further, and although he claims that he’ll regret it, offers his view on the game and its overall performance.

From hiring cosplayers to do the facial animations to having a blunt racist design the gameplay, the negative press for the game hit harder than a bludgeoning weapon, and even then Mass Effect: Andromeda was and still is plagued by issues. And now it has been officially confirmed by Darrah that the game is “deeply flawed.”

That’s right, the game that has the Quarian Ark Story continued through a book named Mass Effect Andromeda: Annihilation, (which had an ETA of June 26th) has the words of Darrah looming over it right now.

Here’s the first tweet he posted:

Darrah continues and tries to bring games like Nioh, Horizon, Zelda, and Nier into the mix when we all know that those games did not contribute to ME:A’s poor animations, dialogue, glitches and so on:

Continuing on his thought train, Darrah tweeted:

After going on about review scores, he goes on to sales, the industry, and how companies can’t control when other games launch, trying to add more variables to EA and BioWare’s poor selling game that is Mass Effect: Andromeda:

Well, the game that stirred up controversy before it released, when it released, after it released, after post-launch patches, and then some until this very moment, including the book that continues the Quarian Ark Story — I’m sure we’ll hear that other things contributed to Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s issues in the near future rather than hearing that EA and BioWare screwed up.

In the meantime, though, you can watch the beauty that is the works of Crowbcat right here, which shows the talent of the team behind the game and what hard work looks like:

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