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Warframe Guide: How To Complete The Sacrifice Quest

Need help to complete the next quest-line in Warframe? If so, this guide aims to help you through The Sacrifice and what you need to do to complete it. Warframe is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Notice: The following information regarding Warframe’s The Sacrifice quest contains spoilers. If you don’t want to know what happens next, it’s best not to continue unless you are in dire need of help or you are stuck in the quest-line.

First Part

Firstly, you will need to complete The War Within. After that, you must complete the Chains of Harrow quest. Once done with those two, you must complete the Apostasy Prologue, which will then allow you to start The Sacrifice quest.

On starting the quest, you must examine the Lotus helmet in the Orbiter’s Personal Quarters.

Second Part

From here, you will need to go to the planet Earth and head to the node Lith. Simply follow the waypoint that should lead you to an Orokin door fashioned in vines, which requires you to shoot them off.

Once the door opens, Ghouls should appear and try to attack you. Dispatch the Ghouls and equip the Codex Scanner (or Synthesis Scanner) and search around for traces of the Warframe you are after. Whilst using the scanner, you should find two traces on the ground near a tree, and one as the torn flag/cloth on a rock. Additionally, the leftover sword should be scanned, too.

Head to extraction once done.

Third Part

Next up, Ordis will tell you that it has discovered traces in the Foundry, which happen to be the Excalibur Umbra Warframe. The data to build this Warframe requires you to search the Moon that is Lua on the node Pavlov.

The waypoint should lead you to an Orokin Cipher terminal that you cannot pass through. Ordis should suggest that you search the area, whereupon there are two blue symbol pairs placed around the area. The puzzle can be solved by matching the cipher to the order of the symbol pairs discovered.

After the door opens, Sentient Mimics should be waiting to attack you.

The next part holds four symbol pairs, in which this cipher puzzle is harder than the last one. The discovered symbols will rearrange above the cipher rings. If the puzzle is too hard and long amounts of time passes, Ordis will solve the puzzle for you. Moreover, the cipher unlocks a dome that holds an Orokin tablet named “Vitruvian,” containing a symbol which reads “Enemy.”

Returning back to your ship, In the midsection of the Orbiter is an area where the Vitruvian can be inserted. After inserting the Vitruvian into the slot, the Orbiter lights turn off, and Ordis regains control under a new personality and tells the Operator to check the Foundry, where you can now build Excalibur Umbra:

  • Credits – 10,000
  • Orokin Cell – 1
  • Kuva – 60
  • Nano Spores – 1,200
  • Alloy Plates – 1,600

If you try to equip Excalibur Umbra in the Arsenal, said frame rejects the Transference, lashing out against the Operator. After the struggle, you will be able to perform Transference on Umbra, allowing you to see a memory.

Excalibur Umbra escapes, but this action unlocks a symbol within the Vitruvian: “Blasphemy.”

Fourth Part

From here, you will need to go to Ceres on node Nuovo to chase down the now missing Umbra frame. Although the frame in question is impervious to damage, upon using Void Blast will stun it and allow you to use Transference on it.

A memory will play out after using Transference, showing another Vitruvian symbol that is: “Warframes.” After this, Umbra escapes again, and you will need to return to the Orbiter.

Fifth Part

Next up, go to Neptune and to the once overly popular Triton node to find the missing Umbra. Once confronted, disable its shield with Void Beam so that it can be stunned, like before, by Void Blast so that you can use Transference on it.

After this round of Transference, yet another memory will play out. The next Vitruvian symbol is “Tenno.” Later on, you, the Operator, stops the Vitruvian recording and uses Transference to appear at the Navigation console to confront Umbra.

Sixth Part

The next part will have you going to Lua once again, except on node Tycho. Your Operator will venture alone in search of Umbra. Once it has been found, strip its shield with Void Beam, stun it with Void Blast, and use Transference to see Umbra’s final memory.

From here, Umbra eventually becomes at ease with you or the Operator and accepts the Transference process. Afterward, you can pick from three options: Sun, Neutral, Moon.

Excalibur Umbra is set at level 30 and wields the Skiajati Nikana (installed with the mods Umbral Intensify, Umbral Fiber, Umbral Vitality, Sacrificial Steel and Sacrificial Pressure). Excalibur Umbra will fight on its own when not piloted by the Operator.

Furthermore, you must extract despite there being Sentients and Corrupted forces closing in on your position.

After extraction, your Operator now seeks to hunt down Ballas but tells Ordis he/she wants to hear the Lotus’ voice. From here, you can pick from the three choices again: Sun, Neutral, Moon.

Seventh Part

The final act of the quest sees you and Umbra return to the courtyard to stop Ballas. After supposedly killing Ballas, you will have more optional choices to pick from: Sun, Neutral, Moon.

Moreover, Sentients appear, and one of them happens to be Natah or the Lotus’ “true” form. Natah makes a remark as if to say that Ballas had done nothing to her and that this is who she really is. Natah picks up Ballas’ body and disappears with him.

On the Orbiter, your Operator is confused and expresses his/her relief of finding out the truth, to which the quest-line ends.

YouTuber LeyzarGamingViews has a full playthrough to help you if you need a visual guide:

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