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Depraved Cheats Grant Infinite Money And Supplies

Depraved was released for PC via Steam Early Access on July 20th. Following a couple of days after its early release comes that of cheat trainers offering infinite money and supplies, which are now up for download.

Publisher and developer Evil Bite has released its Wild West survival simulator to the public not too long ago. If, however, you need help the following cheat trainers should be of use. The duo of cheats consists of mega or infinite money and supplies, which you can use to solve a lot of problems in the Wild West.

You can look Depraved cheats over right here:

Mega Money

Mega Supplies

You can download both cheats by heading on over to However, to gain access to them, you will need to be a premium member on said site.

There’s also a second cheat trainer available for download from over on

The Depraved cheat trainer contains the following options:

Money +500

Money +5,000

Money +50,000

Reset Money to 0

Wooden Plank +100

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If you have no clue as to what this game is or what it has to offer, Depraved puts you in the shoes of a leader of the pioneers in the Wild West. Of course, it wouldn’t be an indie game if it didn’t have procedurally generated worlds, right?

Furthermore, the indie game has you select a suitable place for your first settlement and procure building materials to create a new home country for your residents. The merrier your residents are, the faster your town will grow.

Lastly, you can pick this game up on Steam Early Access for $22.49 during a 10 percent off special that will end on July 27th — bringing its initial price point back to $24.99 — or you can look over key features below.

“Depraved is a city builder game with survival aspects, settled in the Wild West. Build towns and establish important outposts to supply your residents with food and other raw materials. Resist the seasons, dangerous animals, and bandits and conquer the Wild West.”

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