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Dlala Studios Says That Battletoads 2019 Is A Brand New Game And Not A Remaster

The three bad boys or toads you know so well (Rash, Zitz, and Pimple) will appear in a new Battletoads game by Dlala Studios. As of now, the devs are working on Rare’s famous battling toads game and stated that the 2019 game isn’t a remaster but a “brand new game.”

Although we haven’t seen any gameplay footage of Battletoads 2019, nor did we get to see anything of the game cinematics or in-engine content, all we got to see back during its E3 2018 announcement was a splash showing the moniker. However, we do know that Dlala Studios is developing Rare’s aggressive toads.

If you want a slight idea as to what is going on as of this moment regarding Battletoads 2019, we do know that it will be telling a new story of some sorts:

As read above, after the query about whether or not the 2019 game will be a sequel or a remaster, one of the devs behind the game replied that Battletoads 2019 is a “brand new game.”

In addition to the above, it’s unclear if this means that the game is either a continuation without any direct sequel structuring or that Battletoads 2019 is a reboot doing its own thing? Given that it won’t be a sequel or a remaster, I do wonder what the story and gameplay will be like at launch.

In case you don’t know, Dlala Studios is a small team that happens to be behind games like Overruled!, Janksy, and a game in pre-production Nothing to Fear. You can learn more about these games by visiting

Personally, my interest is piqued because it deals with Battletoads, but at the same time, I’m very leery about how the finished product will turn out. Anyway, you can look for the brand new Battletoads game to launch sometime in 2019 for the Xbox family of consoles and PC.

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