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Smoke And Sacrifice Devs Discuss Next-Gen Consoles Baseline Being 4K And 60FPS

If you look hard enough, sometimes not, you’ll find pieces and write-ups pertaining to the next generation of consoles under Sony, and Microsoft’s portfolio. Although companies say that they’re developing games and engines for next-gen devices (like Bethesda), another development team offers their thoughts on the baseline of next-gen resolution and frames-per-second (fps) and what the next consoles should offer.

I bet you’re wondering who is this dev team and what did they make, right? Well, the “who” can be answered with indie team Solar Sail Games, and the “what” can be answered with their game Smoke and Sacrifice (available on PC via Steam and Switch).

With all of the above in mind, a current debate happens to revolve around resolution and frame rate. I’m not sure if you’ve read comments saying that “30fps makes a game look more cinematic” or “it doesn’t matter [insert platform here] can’t run a game at X res at Y frames, so long as the game is fun,” if you have, 9 times out of 10 there is a rebuttal to the above.

Seeing that this topic can land you in hot water, the named indie developers, Solar Sail Games, don’t seem to mind dipping their toes into the console war debate and offered their thoughts to publication site

When asked about next-gen consoles running games at 4K and 60fps and if that should be the baseline, the indie devs, Tancred Dyke-Wells and Neil Millstone, explained:

“Well, arguably 4k and 60fps are already here with PS4 Pro and Xbox One X so sure, that should be the baseline, although not necessarily together.”

Furthermore, the devs offer up their viewpoint on what next-gen consoles should bring and the act of “discoverability” of unique or interesting titles that might fly under the radar:

“In general, developers tend to choose to go with 30 frames per second in order to prioritize graphical quality over frame rate for most of the bigger titles, and I’m not sure that will change other than for multiplayer or fast action titles. But hopefully the next gen will offer something more than graphical fidelity, since with each new round of hardware the returns diminish – modern games already look amazing. I’m more interested in platforms that offer improved discoverability and which promote unique, interesting titles to players who might not otherwise find out about them!”

With that said, do you agree with the devs that games already look amazing and next-gen should instead focus on games that offer something unique that might be drowned out? Or Should games on next-gen consoles push for faster and stable frame-rates? What are your thoughts on this?

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