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Diablo 3 Rumored To Launch On Nintendo Switch With Co-op, Legend Of Zelda Content

Forbes apparently broke embargo (by mistake of course) and published news that Diablo III: Eternal Collection would be launching on the Nintendo Switch later this year. The game will supposedly launch with Legend of Zelda content featuring Ganondorf’s armor.

Switchwatch is reporting that the game will be available for $59.99 and will come with the LAN support, local co-op play, and online multiplayer support. And yes, the cooperative modes will support both offline four-player modes on a single machine or four-player cooperative play across multiple machines.

They also point out that back in February of 2018 Blizzard hinted at Diablo coming to the Switch by showing a Diablo-themed light switch that they kept flicking on and flicking off.

My Nintendo News is reporting that the Switch version of the game will also come with previously released expansions and DLC that is already available for the home console and PC version of the game.

So technically, this one rare time, the Nintendo Switch version will be the definitive version since it will not only get all previously released content but also receive exclusive content as well. And you don’t have to worry about having to be logged in online to play, bypassing the always-on DRM requirement that PC gamers had to suffer through.

Obviously, the biggest make-it-or-break-it selling point for the Nintendo Switch version of the game will be whether or not it will run at 60fps in TV mode. If it fails to hit 60fps that will be a huge letdown for a lot of gamers. 30Fps for a hack-and-slash game like Diablo is difficult to play, no doubt.

The game is supposedly going to be out before 2018 rounds out. There’s supposed to be a formal announcement for the game on August 16th by Blizzard, so we’ll see if it turns out to be true or if it’s all just an elaborate hoax.

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