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1512590cookie-checkFarming Simulator 19 Gains New In-Game Screenshots Showing Off UI, Missions

Farming Simulator 19 Gains New In-Game Screenshots Showing Off UI, Missions

Farming Simulator 19 will release later this year on November 20th, 2018. The Q4 game is shaping up to bring new mechanics to the world of farming sims and seems to be doing it differently than its predecessors, where the latest blog post outlines what differences you can expect via screenshots.

Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software are slowly unveiling information and in-game screens of Farming Simulator 19 after the closed gameplay showing at FarmCon 18.

This time around, the team has taken to their blog forum to post highlights of new aspects of the upcoming game, where this screenshot offers quite a bit of noteworthy info:

Farming Simulator 19 info 2 1

According to the above screenshot, it shows off the new John Deere tractor working right ahead of a harvester in a field. We can also see the new in-game UI, which includes (top left) tractor/vehicle parts, (top right) weather, time, and money, (bottom left) the map, and (bottom right) a hyper-dangerous speed of 9 KMH.

Moreover, the blog post also reveals yet another screenshot showing off the improved “Mission Mode.”

Farming Simulator 19 info 2 2

What can be taken away from the above image is that all missions are now regulated to the “Contracts menu,” where you no longer have to ride around the map to different points in order to get a new job/mission.

It also shows that you can use your own vehicles and equipment for missions instead of leasing them.

Joining “Mission Mode” now involves the process of cutting grass, to baling, and transporting the completed bales. Additionally, weeding is now in its own category of missions.

Furthermore, making a return to the series happens to be Farming Simulator 15′s transport missions, so if you’re a fan of that you can rejoice.

Lastly, “Mission Mode” will let you and others do the aforesaid missions via the multiplayer mode.

Farming Simulator 19 is currently set to launch sometime this fall across PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

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