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Madden NFL 19 Cheats Freezes Game Clock, Changes Score

EA Sports Madden NFL 19 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 are designed to appeal to gamers who love recycled sports games and Electronic Arts’ by-the-numbers approach to producing NFL-related products year in and year out for home consoles and now PC. For those of you who don’t mind handing over $60 to EA for a small piece of your soul and a minuscule chance to embrace the sort of sportsmanship and virtual décor of ragdoll bodies littering the field from concussion-ready tackles, then you might also find the new cheat trainers worth your while.

You can download a free or premium trainer for Madden NFL 19 from the page.

The cheats for Madden NFL 19 contains the following options:

+1 Score Point For Team 1

+1 Score Point For Team 2

-1 Score Point For Team 1

-1 Score Point For Team 2

+30 Seconds On Game Clock

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For team 1 and team 2 cheats, they represent the home and away teams. If you’re playing at home then you’re team 1 and if you’re playing as the away team then you’re team 2. You can add or remove points depending on who you want to win, or modify the game clock so that if you’re close to winning but need a bit more time, you can do so. You can also modify the game so that there are first downs or fourth downs depending on whether or not you want to force possession of the ball or force a turnover.

The game features split-screen and online play, along with 38 achievements to unlock on the PC version of the game. It’s still running on the Frostbite 3 but it doesn’t have the Longshot mode from Madden NFL 18. It does contain a story mode that allows you to take your team through the season and attempt to become Super Bowl champions.

You can grab a copy of Madden NFL 19 for Xbox One, PS4, or on PC via the Origin store.

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