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1516980cookie-checkMudRunner 2 Will Be Formally Unveiled For PC, PS4, Xbox One In Early 2019

MudRunner 2 Will Be Formally Unveiled For PC, PS4, Xbox One In Early 2019

Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive announced that MudRunner 2 has been officially unveiled. However, the game won’t be formally introduced to the public until the first quarter of 2019 during What’s Next de Focus press event.

As pointed out by NicheGamer, the details about the game are scant, and we won’t know diddly squat until early next year.

According to Matt Karch, the CEO of Saber Interactive, he mentioned in the press release that due to the success of the original SpinTires: MudRunner, the team felt compelled to do a follow-up. The original Mudrunner came out for home consoles and PC, and was developed in part by Oovee Game Studios and Saber Interactive. One Angry Gamer’s own Matt Smail gave it a very positive review score.

Saber Interactive is making a return to form for the game but there’s no word on if Oovee Game Studios will be back as well.

The only thing the press release mentions is that they’re looking to offer gamers another “ultimate” off-road experience.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Mudrunner is based around dynamic, proprietary physics-based traversal.

Players take command of various trucks and must maneuver them through unforgiving and extremely difficult terrain in order to complete the objectives. The game utilizes soft-body deformation properties for the mud and ground, while also adding a lot of realistic traction and momentum.

Ahead of the release of MudRunner 2 Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have plans on releasing DLC for the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch version of the game called American Wilds, featuring all new vehicles and missions to go on.

The game is currently available right now for $29.99. The DLC should be arriving soon, and after that you’ll just have to wait until early 2019 to find out when MudRunner 2 is set to come out and for what systems.

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