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1515940cookie-checkThe Fairy Drone – Ultra-Portable Full HD Aerial Photographer Preps To Ship Soon

The Fairy Drone – Ultra-Portable Full HD Aerial Photographer Preps To Ship Soon

The Fairy Drone just might be an awesome miniature drone to add to your electronic gadget collection. The hand-size portable device created by a small company by the name of Simtoo, which is based in Shenzhen, China. The company recently updated the tech community informing them that they’re currently fulfilling orders of the drone and that regular purchase orders will begin soon.

The company decided to use Kickstarter to fund its Fairy Drone project, which started in early spring and ended by early summer. The Kickstarter crowdfund was a huge success, at the time of the Kickstarter program the company was selling the Fairy Drone kit for $99. The kit included the Fairy Drone, charging cable, charger, and the remote control. Now that the Kickstarter program has ended the US retail price is now $169 + Shipping.

The foldable pocket-sized drone weighing in at 140 grams, fits perfectly in the palm of an average adult hand. The Fairy Drone allows for great images with a 8mp camera, and 1080P full HD aerial videos capturing amazing images.

The intuitive remote controller allows the user to start the device with the push of one button, the user has three flying options:

  1.  Use the remote controller with directional buttons
  2.  Use the remote controller with rotating dials
  3.  Use a smartphone with the Fairy App allowing the user the ability to turn the phone into a motion sensor controller.

The drone can fly as high as 150 meters (approx 492 feet.) Note – one of it’s cons might be, due to the nature of it being lightweight its best not to fly it on a windy day. The Fairy Drone also has a built-in dual band GPS and “ Auto Home Return,” with SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) 3D technology, and optical sensors, and allowing up to 16 minutes of recording time.

Here’s a video from Kickstarter Technology YouTube Channel :

For $169 + Shipping, out of the box includes – One Fairy Drone, One battery, One Charger Adapter, and One Micro USB Cable. Additional pieces can also be purchased separately. The status of the order details are available over on


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