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This Is The Police 2 Cheats Grant You Unlimited Money, Infinite Action Points

Even though Weappy Studio and THQ Nordic only just released This Is The Police 2 yesterday, there are already some cheats available for the game, specifically to help with the money issues, the turn-based rounds, and the dispatch requirements.

There’s a downloadable cheat engine script you can download from the Fearless Revolution forum, courtesy of STN.

This Is The Police 2 cheat table includes the following options:

Instant Crime Sequence

Unlimited Action Points

Unlimited Money

Ignore Dispatch Requirement

Unlimited Tabs

The unlimited action points mean you’re not limited in your turns during the turn-based segments. This will make investigations and some intense shootouts go by a lot quicker, especially if you don’t want to lose anyone during a gunfight. The unlimited money cheat is easily going to be one of the most useful ones for you to use given that it helps with keeping your staff happy and paid.

Unfortunately for This Is The Police 2, the game launched with some mixed user reviews. The majority of the complaints are centered around gameplay balance and some timing issues with the turn-based mode. For instance, some have noted that the animations play really slowly during the turn-based mode, which has caused some frustrations for a few gamers.

Others found the cutscenes too long, and a few others had problems with the staff balances, where the characters didn’t behave properly and it caused a lot of strife where it didn’t need to be.

On the upside, Weappy is working fast to address the issues that gamers have with This Is The Police 2, so you’ll be able to dive in and have some fun without all of the nuisances that were present at the launch. The hotfix that they issued has a changelog you can view over on the Steam page.

The game is currently available right now over on the Steam store for only $14.99.

(Thanks for the news tip STN)

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