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1519260cookie-checkVG 24/7 Deputy Editor Kirk McKeand Engages In Public Transphobia Over Arkane Studios Article

VG 24/7 Deputy Editor Kirk McKeand Engages In Public Transphobia Over Arkane Studios Article

VG 24/7’s deputy editor Kirk McKeand decided to take shots at a trans journalist for publishing an article about the ideological divide taking place within Arkane Studios, and how it’s been affecting their corporate and social culture.

On August 28th, 2018, McKeand tweeted out the following…

Others chimed in to inform McKeand that the author of the article,  Sophia N., for which he directed his indignation, is transgender.

This didn’t phase McKeand, though. He rounded out the initial tweet thread by telling everyone exactly how he felt about the transgender author of the article and the current situation.

McKeand’s invective towards Sophia encouraged others to take on similar frames of criticism.

Games journalists and developers who align with the Liberal agenda were quick to join in on McKeand’s pillory of the journalist, such as freelance journalist Babak Abrishamchian and PC Gamer’s Wesley Copeland.

Veteran developer Jon Jones, who produced various Unreal Engine 4 assets and worked on Just Cause 3 for Avalanche Studios, also decided to join in, humoring McKeand by denigrating Sophia.

Sophia was alerted of the conversation, and actually tweeted a correction to McKeand and Jones, noting that the content of the article had been brewing long before McKeand wrote about the Dishonored franchise being put on ice.

McKeand proceeded to block those who even liked Sophia’s tweet.

Nevertheless, the journalist tweeted out about how McKeand – a supposed “Progressive” and Liberal – didn’t mind engaging in transphobia and misgendering so long as the individual is viewed as the opposition.

McKeand caught wind of Sophia’s tweets and decided to fulfill the role of the victim, claiming that he was being called a “transphobe” and that the people attempting to correct him were “pissbabies”.

As is usual with the Liberal crowd, they decided to circle the wagons and support McKeand and his transphobic and misgendering tweets, but some people attempted to correct McKeand’s audience regarding their assumptions.

The #GamerGate community has been rallying in support of Sophia, especially on Kotaku in Action and on Twitter, even while Social Justice Warriors and game journalists continue to provoke and demean the budding writer. As of the writing of this article McKeand has not issued an apology.

The VG 24/7 deputy editor is no stranger to courting controversy like this, and was involved with also attacking gamers along with a Green Man Gaming representative not too longer ago.

At the moment, Sophia is still gathering funds through a GoFundme page for corrective surgery.

I attempted to reach out to McKeand to ask why he feels it’s okay to promote transphobia through social media, and what it means for the Liberal movement to maintain what some might consider bigoted stances on these sociopolitical issues, but he has me blocked on Twitter.

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