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Destiny 2 Forsaken Gameplay Walkthrough

Bungie’s latest expansion for the sci-fi shooter is Destiny 2: Forsaken for PC, PS4, and Xbox One gamers. The new expansion explores the death of Cayde-6 and the Guardians who attempt to avenge his death. For gamers interested in a walkthrough guide for the new DLC, there’s one available.

YouTuber MKIceandFire actually stuck it out and provided a full playlist for the Destiny 2: Forsaken walkthrough, which you can check out below.

Last Call: The Tangled Shore

Once you boot up the game head to the destination screen and select “Last Call” to begin Destiny 2: Forsaken’s first mission located on The Tangled Shore.

You’ll begin the mission at the Prison of Elders, where you’re supposed to meet up with Cayde-6. A cinematic plays where we see Cayde-6 get shot in the face after his last words are “How’s your sister?”

It would have been better had he said “Is your sister finally walking normal again?”

Anyway, the first mission takes place before Cayde-6 dies, and it features him and the player-character at the Prison of Elders attempting to quell the riot.

Follow the pathway into the general population and take down the baddies having an all-out brawl.

You should be Light level 335 or higher for this mission.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Gameplay

Follow the navpoint through the broken walkways – a little bit of light platforming is required. Head through the door, meet up with Petra and then take out the baddies along the causeway.

Make your way through the cell blocks by following the flaming wreckage and carnage.

This is all a standard-fare run-and-gun segment. If you aren’t strong enough to take on all the baddies then make your way back inside along the pathway toward the security hub.

All of this is fairly linear.

Keep moving through the tunnels until you reach a break point where there are some large monsters and security forces down below. It’s best to take them all out before you hop down.

When you get into the security hub you’ll need to clear out the hive gunk around the system hubs. Simply shoot the hive gunk – it’ll glow to let yo9u know you’re hitting it – and once all of the gunk is cleared the system will no longer be obstructed.

Destiny 2 Forsaken - Ride em Cowboy

After Cayde-6 bungles the buffers like Vin Diesel getting his bunger buggered in D&D, you’ll need to destroy three more hive waves.

Proceed across the catwalk and toward your left across the open cell block platforms.

Kill all the baddies until you reach the control panel to raise the security systems. This will end the level.

Another cinematic will play where we see Cayde putting up the fight of his life.

The Hole

Follow the navpoint through the flaming debris down through the halls.

Take out the ravagers.

At the back of the room there’s an open hatch behind a service module. Hop down into the hole and follow the maintenance hatch into the next area.

The pathway is still linear here; just keep moving through the tunnels and inspect the corrupted ether along the way.

Take out the corrupted raiders as you continue to move onward and downward.

Hop down through the tunnels until you trigger another cinematic.

Destiny 2 Forsaken - Emo Villain

After you witness Captain Emo making a less-than-daring escape, Cayde-6 will die.

You can pick up your next set of missions at the Bazaar hub, including an additional side-quest from Banshee-44 called “Cayde’s Will”, where you’ll need to retrieve the Ace Revolver.

You can also pick up a few other quests from the other NPCs around the Bazaar, including a mission called “Visions of Light” and “High Plains Blues”.

Head back to the Reef to start the next main quest mission and another cinematic will play.

Destiny 2 Forsaken - Brother and Sister

The player-character goes hunting for Uldren like male feminists go hunting for feminists to harass and rape.

Once you get to the Reef, you’ll need to go search around the rocks to find Cayde-6’s killers.

It’s basically just a lot of open rock and wasteland, but you can head north and you’ll encounter a small enclave – move through to the other side and keep going northwest until you reach a a terminal at an abandoned camp.

Access the terminal and it will unlock a cave access. Head inside and follow the pathway through the smuggler’s tunnel until you reach a second terminal. Your Ghost will unlock the pathway where you’ll face off against some of the corrupted raiders.

You’ll need to fight off a few waves of the Scorn and then rendezvous with Petra at the bunker door and kill more waves of enemies. There are a lot that will spawn all at once so be prepared.

Kill all the enemies and make your way to the outside. Continue to take out all the barons you encounter and clear out the Scorn to complete the mission.

You have to grab a few side-missions from Spider before you continue with the main mission. Kill the enemies for Spider and complete the Survey Mission.

Once you finish up head back to Spider and he’ll give you the location to the scorned baron’s hideout.

Once you’re ready to start the mission talk to the NPC by Spider.


Move through the thieve’s landing and you’ll need to kill all of the enemies in the area.

Your main mission is to transmat spider’s cache. You’ll find the two of the caches nearby – one at a hut and another up on a ramp. Once you tag the caches continue onward and take out the Machinist as you attempt to assault the hideout.

Make your way inside the hideout and there’s a Scorn Walker sub-boss you’ll need to fight after tagging another one of Spider’s caches.

The boss fight can be difficult if you don’t have the proper equipment. Be sure to save your special weapon for the walker; if you don’t have special weapon ammo there is a special rocket launcher pickup you can use against the walker.

After it generates the shield when it loses a few bars of health, you’ll need to get inside the shield and attack the open glowing parts to keep doing damage to it.

Rinse and repeat until the Scorn Walker is killed.

Proceed into the booby trap and kill the scorn minions.

Once you clear out the room make your way across the gaping platforms and take out the Scorn.

Once you get across the bridge and into the facility, you’ll fight the sub-boss the Scorn of the Fanatic.

If you have special weapon ammo, don’t hesitate to use it.

The mission ends after you kill the Scorn of the Fanatic.

Destiny 2 Forsaken - Uldron Sov

After the mission ends you’ll get a list of targets on cards, Isis-deck style, where you learn about each of the minions working under Uldron Sov.

You’ll also pick up additional missions from Petra and Spider along the shore as you attempt to edge closer to Uldron.

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