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The Messenger Cheats Give You Infinite Health, Infinite Jumps

Sabotage and Devolver Digital’s The Messenger came out back on August 30th for Steam on PC and for the Nintendo Switch. The game is a very inventive side-scroller that combines 8-bit skill-based traversal and 16-bit action-platforming. For gamers who need some cheats to help them along the way, there’s a free trainer available.

You can download the free cheat trainer for The Messenger from Mr. Antifun.

The Messenger trainer contains the following options:

Infinite Health

Infinite Jumps

I suppose you might be wondering where the rest of the cheats are, but you really don’t need any more than that. The game is a classic throwback to NES games like Ninja and the Sega Genesis’ Shinobi.

The infinite health means that you won’t take any game-ending damage from the enemies and stage hazards you’ll encounter, while the infinite jumps mean that you can keep on jumping through some of the more difficult stage layouts.

In order to activate the infinite jump cheat simply go into the game, jump once without the cheat turned on, and then proceed to turn on the infinite jump cheat, and then you should be good to go.

The Messenger is pretty neat in its design because Sabotage made it where you start in an 8-bit inspired environment, using upgradeable skills to traverse through increasingly difficult levels. You’ll have to use the Messenger’s grappling hook to avoid falling to certain doom, and a hang-glider to float over spikes, lava, and endless pits.

But as the trailer depicts, the gameplay mechanics don’t end there. There are also portals where you’ll encounter the 16-bit world and don an all-new outfit and additional abilities. It reminds me of the old Ninja Gaiden games on the SNES.

You’ll have a full host of bosses to defeat, levels to conquer, and abilities to master.

You can pick up a digital copy of Sabotage’s The Messenger right now for the Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo eShop or on the Steam store for PC.

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