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1527970cookie-checkDisgaea 5: Complete’s Missing PC Features PC Spurs Anger Within Gaming Community

Disgaea 5: Complete’s Missing PC Features PC Spurs Anger Within Gaming Community

NIS America launched Disgaea 5: Complete on Steam for PC on October 22nd, 2018. The game is a port-over from the PS4 version of the game that came out back in 2015. The problem is that the PC version isn’t actually the complete edition, and several key features have been removed from the game leading up to launch. It was only after gamers discovered that Disgaea 5: Complete on PC was missing features did NIS America decide to address the issue in a blog post over on the official NIS America website.

In the post, NIS admitted that the data shop was missing Everybody’s NW, and Someone’s Records, the Netherworld Edit Shop was gone, the Map Edit Shop facility was removed, the Netherworld hub was missing the map edit NPC shop, and various other settings were not made available.

NIS explained why the features were not present at release in the game…

“Due to irreconcilable platform differences, it was decided in the beginning of development for Disgaea 5 Complete that the Network functions from the original game could not be implemented into the Steam version. We deeply apologize that these differences were not communicated in advance, and we appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter. We would like to remind all users that Steam purchases come with a option to fully refund the purchase if total playtime has not exceeded 2 hours.”

There are plenty of gamers definitely taking advantage of the refund policy before clocking in over two hours with the game.

As noted by Sankaku Complex, lots of gamers have voiced their complaints about the issues, and have been giving the release a thumbs down on the Steam page to make their righteous anger known. This has caused the user rating to drop down to “Mixed”.


Gamers were obviously peeved, with Sankaku posting screencaps of some of the reviews giving it a thumbs down and why, including from people who logged in 14 hours, 34 hours, and up to 42 hours worth of game time with Disgaea 5 Complete. The disappointment spread from the user reviews, to the Facebook posts, to the Steam forums.



It also wasn’t just that the features were missing in a version of the game with “Complete” in its title, it was that NIS America decided not to tell anyone that the features would not make the cut, only AFTER gamers discovered that the content was not in the game.

Tuddywutwut summed up the scenario succinctly, writing…

“So they decided to remove all network features at the start of development but not tell anyone or mention it on the store page. Then they delay the game months and don’t bother to try to implement it, waiting until the last possible moment to tell us it isn’t there. Notifying us after many of us have put in 2 hours, so we can’t request a refund.

“Classic. “

So basically, this is another hatchet job on a PC port from NIS America, following the other botched release that was Ys VII: Lacrimosa of Dana, which had a number of issues leading up towards its release.

Disagea 5 Complete is available right now for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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