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Disgaea 5 Cheats Give You Infinite Mana, Super Speed, One Hit Kills

NIS America’s botched release of Disgaea 5: Complete on PC was nothing short of a farce. The release saw the game launching on Steam for PC without several key features. It wasn’t until after the game launched did NIS America announce that the “complete” edition wasn’t actually complete and that key features that were present in the console version didn’t make the cut.

Nevertheless, if you were (un)lucky enough to keep your copy of the game and you’ve been itching to make do with some cheats, there are some cheats available for the game that you can get your hands on right now.

The first cheat trainer is available for free that you can download from the Mr. Antifun forum.

Disgaea 5 trainer contains just three options, as listed below:

Infinite Health

Infinite SP

Infinite HL

The cheats are pretty self-explanatory. There are only three but infinite health is kind of the catch-all that covers you no matter what vice you find yourself in.

There’s a second Disgaea 5 cheat trainer that you can get your hands on for a premium price from over on Cheat Happens.

+38 Character Editor

Edit Mana

Infinite HP

Infinite SP

One Hit Kills

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The premium trainer forces you to pay out some coins for the cheats, but it gives you a lot more options to mess around with the game mechanics, such as killing enemies with a single hit, ranking up your experience points, or activating a multiplier for your masteries.

Disgaea 5: Complete is available right now on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and on Steam for PC. Obviously, though, the PC version is quite gimped, so keep that in mind if you have plans on picking up a copy. It’s available on the Steam store right now for $39.99.

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