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1534610cookie-checkLawyer Pursues Filing Formal Complaint With FTC Over Patreon, PayPal Antitrust Violation

Lawyer Pursues Filing Formal Complaint With FTC Over Patreon, PayPal Antitrust Violation

Attorney Lior Leser released a video detailing his intentions to file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission regarding the alleged antitrust violation committed by Patreon and Paypal against SubscribeStar (amongst many others).

Leser has plans on taking the filing seriously, basically putting together a case file of all of the violations PayPal and Patreon committed when it came to what looks like colluding to remove people from having access to payments through their services, especially with pulling out of SubscribeStar, but he will need the community’s help, especially when it comes to crowdsourcing information.

Leser posted up a video on his YouTube channel, YouTube Law, where he covers a variety of legal cases happening within the pop-culture social media ecosystem.

For now, he hasn’t mentioned anything about crowdfunding the endeavor specifically, but that might come later. What he will be doing is working with other legal outfits in order to build a strong case against PayPal and Patreon, and doing plenty of research into the matter in order to connect the legal grouping of the companies’ efforts to the actual concerted action that makes up antitrust.

Right now Leser has informed the community via the first update over on his second channel, Legal Dissent, that the investigation is still in the preliminary phase, but it will be moving onward and upward over the course of the next week.

Basically Leser wants to push forward with bringing legal action against these corporate giants because no one seems to be doing anything about the monopoly that services like PayPal – and by proxy, MasterCard and Visa – have over almost every major payment processing service for online activities. If they want to financially starve someone, they can.

The media has basically looked upon situations where PayPal and Patreon have banned people from their services as a form of being on the “right side of history”, and that these corporations are aligning themselves with the radical Social Justice Warrior community. However, many of these people aren’t educated enough about history to recognize that when this kind of silencing and censorship becomes widespread against ideological dissidents, it’s just a matter of time before it affects the “allies” in the same way it affects the “enemy”.

YouTuber Louis Le Vau recently posted a lengthy diatribe about the deafening silence about how dangerous things are becoming regarding the coordinated efforts of censorship from all of these major companies, rising up to collectively silence the plebeians and punish the proletarians.

Thankfully, Leser is pursuing a route to challenge the status quo, and hopefully he can make headway against Paypal, Patreon, and the parent conglomerates currently exercising information control by whittling down the income opportunities for those speaking up and speaking out against the current SJW agenda.

(Thanks for the news tip The Positivist and Spambot)

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