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1536080cookie-checkBattlefield V Microtransactions Won’t Go Live Until CC And Retroactive Problems Are Resolved

Battlefield V Microtransactions Won’t Go Live Until CC And Retroactive Problems Are Resolved

Electronic Arts and DICE took the heat, rightfully so, back in 2017 when they released Star Wars: Battlefront 2 when the whole microtransaction loot-box debacle toppled-over. It seems now the pair are trying to avoid fatal Battlefield V controversy by “fixing” current and older problems before adding in the much frowned upon live-service system known as microtransactions.

The community who dared to purchase Battlefield V seem to be split regarding the current state of the game. You’ll find some people defending the game as if it were a vital organ keeping them alive, and then you have some who despise it although they paid money for the heavily politicized and glitchy game.

Speaking of paying for something, some games sport a “free-to-play” model that boast in-game purchases that allow players to buy weapons and cosmetics with real-world money. On the other hand, full priced AAA games also try this model but not all of them get away with it, like Star: Wars Battlefront 2.

The whole Star Wars: Battlefront 2 thing regarding loot-boxes and microtransactions caused so much flak that the team had to redo the entire progression system and then some. This mess still looms over the pair’s head and was almost a fatal nail to Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s coffin insofar that the live-service in 2018 churned out content at a slug’s pace.

Now it’s Battlefield V’s turn, and it looks like the in-game currency to buy things like weapons, attachments, upgrades and so on, Company Coins, isn’t working for everyone. This is a problem because if the Company Coins do not work right while microtransactions are live, the only way to progress efficiently would be to pay real-world money for in-game items — causing a similar situation to the 2017 microtransaction problem all over again.

Battlefield V contains a list of other bugs that affect a portion of the player base for the worse, but according to North American Community Manager for Battlefield, Jeff Braddock, fixes are said to be “coming” ahead of the microtransaction implementation.

Continuing on about the issues that should have been fixed on launch day (which should not have been there from the start), Braddock received a reply from a user once named Dr.Zaius who changed his name to Will M — thanks to a user named BrendonKT, you can read the original post by Will M via the given link.

Right after the exchange of words, we learn from Braddock that microtransactions were delayed so that the team could fix various problems.

The true question behind all of this is, will Electronic Arts and DICE strike controversy once again over the game that has been in the news for all the wrong reasons? Because I’m sure when the Battlefield Currency (microtransactions) go live, all eyes will be on the game that had a CFO who called gamers “uneducated.”

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