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1536410cookie-checkDOOM Sub-Reddit Perma-bans Anyone Who Makes ‘Transphobic’ Remarks About Trans Rights

DOOM Sub-Reddit Perma-bans Anyone Who Makes ‘Transphobic’ Remarks About Trans Rights

H.BomberGuy, a video game YouTuber, recently held a charity stream for the controversial organization, Mermaids, which resulted in raising $340,000 for the outfit. The reason Mermaids is controversial is because Conservatives and feminists have argued that it’s disconcerting for a politically-motivated organization to target young kids for corrective surgery and hormonal therapy. The feminists managed to prevent the U.K. National Lottery from granting Mermaids the  £500,000 that was originally intended for the organization, but that’s when H.BomberGuy stepped in to raise the money for Mermaids through the charity stream. However, if you voice any kind of opposition against trans rights, the charity, or Mermaids on the DOOM sub-reddit, you will be permanently banned.

It started when John Romero, one of the creators of DOOM, joined H.BomberGuy’s charity stream to show his support and solidarity for trans rights. This connection to DOOM compelled some members of the sub-reddit to post links to H.BomberGuy’s charity stream. However, some onlookers began to notice that various comments were instantly being deleted by the moderators before some members of the community could even respond.

It was later revealed that the comments being deleted were in result of the moderators clamping down on what they believed to be “transphobic” comments from the community, with kevansevans mentioning the following…


If you’re unable to read it, kevansevans wrote

“If anyone here continues to act transphobic on this sub, it’s a permanent ban from here. You’re not welcome to participate ever again.”

This response from kevansevans was celebrated by certain members of the sub-reddit, cheering him on for enforcing the bans on people who made comments critical of Mermaids, transgenders, or H.BomberGuy’s charity stream for the organization.



Anyone voicing opposition to the charity, to Mermaids, or to anything related to transgenderism ended up getting banned, as evident with the comment graveyard across the different threads about John Romero supporting the charity stream.



It’s not really a comment graveyard, but it’s the planted seeds of a sociopolitical stance that the moderators have taken with the DOOM sub-reddit.

In one of the posts a user was asking the moderators to ban users based on what they posted in other sub-reddits, specifically anyone who visited or is a regular poster of The_Donald.


Now this doesn’t mean everything about the sub-reddit is bad. It simply means that if you plan on visiting or participating in the DOOM sub-reddit, especially as DOOM Eternal preps for release, be prepared to watch what you say and how you say it about certain groups, otherwise you will be permanently ban-hammered.

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