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Chase Bank Shuts Down Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio’s Bank Account

After Gavin McInnis stepped down as the leader of the Proud Boys back in November of 2018, and later filed a lawsuit against the SPLC for defamation in early February, the banks decided to target members of the Proud Boys as a way to shut them down in life… for good.

Over on Big League Politics there’s a story about how the new leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, had his bank account targeted for de-platforming by Chase. Starting April 1st, 2019 his bank account will close.

This has reportedly come just after Chase Paymentech, Square, and PayPal all pulled out as a payment processor for the Proud Boys website,, as reported by Slate on February 7th, 2019.

There’s an image shared of the notice he was sent indicating that they would be closing his account this spring.


According to the article, Tarrio told Big League Politics…

“My political views pretty much mirror those of President Donald Trump. But the media, and groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, smear me trying to tie me, an Afro-Cuban, to ideologies that would force me out of my own country if they went into effect. It’s completely asinine and based completely outside of reality.


“How am I supposed to get food to feed my family? Are taking the directions of the Governor of Virginia and trying to abort me 34 years after birth. They are essentially denying my existence, and trying to force me into homelessness, and ultimately death.”

According to Zero Hedge, this kind of assault on Tarrio’s finances started after the Daily Beast published an article back in September of 2018 highlighting Tarrio and other minorities who joined the Proud Boys to advocate for Western values and fight against extremist groups on the Left.

Zero Hedge explained…

“Since the Daily Beast report, Tarrio says he has been deplatformed by a number of services, including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Airbnb, FirstData, Square, Stripe and PayPal.”

The Proud Boys were known for stepping up to the radical, violent activists known as Antifa, with one of the most iconic images of last year being a member of the Proud Boys knocking out an armed, masked assailant with a single punch during the battle of Portland, Oregon.

The group has been smeared in the media and after Twitter began banning members of the Proud Boys for nothing more than associating with one another, banks appear to be going after the prominent members of the group to disrupt their finances.

This is nothing new and has been happening to various businesses and pundits who stand against Social Justice Warriors and ideologically driven political correctness. In fact, it was discovered that a lot of the strings being pulled in relation to the de-platforming happening by PayPal, Mastercard, and other financial institutions was taking place at the behest of the FDIC under an unconstitutional measure rolled out by the Department of Justice called “Operation Choke Point“.

It’s still unclear exactly why Chase decided to close down his account, but this kind of de-platforming for ideological reasons can basically bankrupt someone in this culture cold war without a single shot having to be fired. In this case, we see that financial outlets like PayPal, Chase, MasterCard, and others can ruin everything you’ve worked for at the drop of a dime, or at the speed of publishing a highly inflammatory article designed to defame your name and bring destitution to your life.

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