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1467010cookie-checkApex Legends Introduces New Hero, Wild Frontier Season This Week

Apex Legends Introduces New Hero, Wild Frontier Season This Week

“Wild Frontier” is officially dropping into Apex Legends, introducing the game’s first season of competitive play, fresh loot, and the popular battle royal game’s first brand new Legend, Octane.

Apex Legends has only been out for a few weeks and already the game is making waves, giving genre staples like PUBG and Fortnite a run for their money. You’ve got to keep things fresh if you want to remain relevant, though, which is why EA and Respawn Entertainment have pulled back the curtain on the game’s first season of special events and content.

As is becoming a staple for battle royale games, Apex Legends’ season is all about giving players a reason to keep returning to the game – for a nominal fee, of course. There are two types of seasonal involvement, including the standard Battle Pass for about 10 bucks, which lets you earn cosmetics and other rewards simply by playing and leveling up. The Battle Pass Bundle, on the other hand, costs about 30 bucks and lets you unlock the first 25 levels of the Season right out of the gate. Unlocks include everything from season-specific Legend skins to all kinds of additional cosmetics. There are 100 unique items available throughout the season and, if you pick up the Battle Pass, you’ll earn an exclusive skin, five Apex Packs of extra loot and 18 Wild Frontier stat trackers.

When the first season goes live tomorrow, it will also welcome the scrappy Octane as a new playable Legend. This dude’s legs got blown off while trying to speed-run the gauntlet and he has returned to the fray with some metal replacements. He’s got a couple interesting abilities, too, including an Adrenaline Junkie perk that lets him trade health for speed, and he’s also got a health regeneration system that lets him slowly regain lost HP. Finally, his team-friendly Launch Pad will allow players to catapult themselves into the air to get around the battlefield more quickly.

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