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Enter The Gungeon’s Final Update, A Farewell To Arms, Drops April 5

All good things must come to an end and, when it comes to free updates for Enter the Gungeon, it looks like developer Dodge Roll Games wants to go out with a bang.

Hard to believe, but Enter the Gungeon first blasted its way into the heart of twin-stick shooter fans nearly three years ago to the day. It arrived on the PlayStation 4, PC, Mac and Linux in April of 2016, eventually making its way to Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. After its initial launch, the team kept working on all kinds of DLC content, providing two free major updates over the years.

According to a recent announcement from designer Dave Crooks, the upcoming third update will be the last. It’s called “A Farewell to Arms,” and it was actually expected to arrive late last year. So what took so long? According to Crooks, the team simply kept adding more and more content to the update, dead set on making this final supply drop a substantial one.

Due out on April 5 for all platforms, “A Farewell to Arms” will bring two new playable characters to Enter the Gungeon (The Gunslinger and The Paradox), even more additions to the game’s already insane roster of firearms, new items to enhance your shooting experience, a new secret floor to uncover with a mysterious new boss and even a couple of additional game modes, including one inspired by the game’s community. You can get more granular details, as well as an outpouring of thanks to the game’s fans, via the announcement linked above.

You can also expect the usual dose of in-game tweaks, quality of life adjustments and bug fixes and, even though this is the last bit of DLC for Enter the Gungeon, Crooks noted that the team will absolutely be hanging around to offer additional support and make sure the game is running smoothly before they head off to new projects.

Enter the Gungeon has sold more than 2.5 million copies but, if you still haven’t picked it up, you can find it on your digital marketplace of choice for about 15 bucks.

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