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1465270cookie-checkMexican Newspaper Mistakenly Announced Pokemon Gun

Mexican Newspaper Mistakenly Announced Pokemon Gun

Proving that you’ve really got to be careful about what you read and believe on the internet, a Mexican newspaper recently reported on the announcement of new Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch, including a fan-made image for the fictional Pokemon Gun.

Nintendo held a six-minute Direct video presentation last week to announce the Switch’s first mainline entries in the mega-popular Pokemon series, Sword and Shield. These games are slated to launch in late 2019 and feature a brand-new region clearly influenced by the U.K., as well as a trio of new starter Pokemon to choose from. The Direct was pretty light on details, but we figure Nintendo is saving plenty of info for the upcoming E3 presentation in June.

All of that aside, folks had a heck of a lot of fun picking apart the Direct and making memes aplenty, including one that shows off a trio of logos. The logos for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are legitimate, but Twitter user @Sir5000 crafted a rather hilarious and oddly believable third logo for Pokemon Gun.


This fake image is especially believable because it follows the same color scheme as the other two and the logo itself is designed in the same way as the legit images.

People fell in love with @Sir5000’s creation and the logo for Pokemon Gun has popped up hundreds of times elsewhere. The problem is that the image became so popular that some folks apparently thought it was legitimate, resulting in the image getting dropped into a Mexican newspaper. While the name “Pokemon Gun” is never referenced in the article, the person responsible for the graphics apparently never got the memo.

What’s extra interesting about this image is that, as best as I can tell, this is an original layout for the goofy Gun meme. In other words, it seems like whoever worked on the layout for the article grabbed the standard starter images from Nintendo and the game logo’s from the meme. It even looks kind of like Grooky is reaching for the gun in the image, which is just doubly hilarious that nobody in the newsroom looked at this and said, “Hey, Gary? Are you sure this is legitimate?”

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