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1465500cookie-checkXbox One S All-Digital Disc-less Console Rumored To Launch In May

Xbox One S All-Digital Disc-less Console Rumored To Launch In May

Rumors are swirling around that a disc-less version of the Xbox One S is on the way from Microsoft, and the company is prepping to open up pre-orders in the middle of April with the console set to launch in May.

The news comes courtesy of Windows Central, who is reporting that the disc-free iteration of the Xbox One S will be called the Xbox One S All-Digital console. This is a rather obvious appellation downgrade from the codename, which was “Xbox Maverick”. Then again, Microsoft has never been seemingly good nor consistent at naming their gaming consoles.

No pricing details accompanied the rumors about the system whose disc drive abandoned it like the father of a low income family.

Instead all we know is that in order to fill up the console with games you’ll have to rely solely on digital game downloads.

There’s a small market of gamers who love the concept of the all-digital future. It was poorly received back in 2013 when Microsoft tried to initially introduce the concept with a used-game ban and a 24-hour check-in, along with a focus on digital TV streaming and home entertainment media services. Microsoft is testing the waters again, six years later to see if gamers have warmed up to the concept of an all-digital console.

I can already say that it’s not a concept nor a console that I would ever embrace, which is why I buy all my games on the Switch these days and I purchase physical copies almost exclusively. I would do the same for PC games if that were an option.

Anyway, Windows Central says to take the news with a grain of salt until Microsoft makes the announcement official. What do you lot think about a disc-less Xbox One S console? Is this something you might entertain for the right price or are you still holding out on embracing the all-digital future?

(Thanks for the news tip Nibel)

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