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1470790cookie-checkAnthem’s Update Roadmap Has Been Temporarily Abandoned, Which Feels Like A Really Bad Sign

Anthem’s Update Roadmap Has Been Temporarily Abandoned, Which Feels Like A Really Bad Sign

It looks like this week’s update might be the last big content drop for Anthem for a while, as developer BioWare have painted a rather bleak future for the game that throws their previously stated update roadmap out the window.

Anthem launched to mixed review about 10 weeks ago, with fans and critics alike frustrated by a lack of content, unrewarding loot drops and bugs aplenty. While the team has been hard at work on bug fixes, one of the game’s most substantial updates, 1.1.0, launched earlier this week and gave some attention to core gameplay areas. A new stronghold called The Sunken Cell was included, as well as quality of life enhancements such as the ability to access the Forge from anywhere, the ability to hop from one expedition to the next without revisiting Fort Tarsis and the ability to pick up contracts without having to visit individual vendors.

That update came with some bad news over on reddit, though, as the team has announced that planned future updates have been postponed. In short, the announcement states that there were more issues with the core game than anticipated, and that’s where the team is focusing most of its energy.

As a result, seven updates promised for the coming season have been put on hold, including the Mastery System, Guilds, Phase II of Legendary Missions, weekly Stronghold challenges, leaderboards, events expected to be dropped into the freeplay area and Cataclysm. We still aren’t even sure what Cataclysm even is, other than the fact they’re supposed to be events that keep the game’s story moving forward.

There is no set date for when any of these features will actually be added and, given what happened with Mass Effect: Andromeda, some are speculating that the situation is more dire than BioWare is letting on. It’s understandable if BioWare’s intent is to make the game better from the ground floor before moving on to additional content, but the fear is that the plan might evolve into making the game a better core product before dropping future development plans completely.

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