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1476220cookie-checkDauntless Brings Free-To-Play Behemoth Slaying To PS4, Xbox One This Week

Dauntless Brings Free-To-Play Behemoth Slaying To PS4, Xbox One This Week

While PC players have been grinding through Dauntless in open beta for the past year, the game is finally set to celebrate an official launch this week, with all of that Monster Hunter-esque action finally making its way to the Xbox One and PS4. A Switch version is still planned, though it’s going to need some extra time in the oven.

Dauntless is a free-to-play game, so expect seasonal events you can buy into in order to earn experience and unlock themed gear. Otherwise, the game is wide open for players to experience at no charge, so there’s no harm in giving it a shot. Also, when it arrives on PlayStation 4 Tuesday, May 21, Plus subscribers will gain access to a PS4-themed version of each of the game’s six weapon classes.

So, what the hell is Dauntless? While I hate to fall back on comparing one game to another, that’s the quickest route to explaining this hunt-a-thon from Phoenix Labs. It’s basically a free-to-play version of Monster Hunter, only with plenty of its own flair and changes that may please folks who find Capcom’s hugely popular series a bit too fiddly.

Your job is to explore the Shattered Isles and fight massive Behemoths. You can gather resources out in the field and harvest additional materials from the creatures themselves. With those resources, you can make items that will aid you in your hunts, as well as improved armor and weapons. Unlike Monster Hunter, you won’t be sent on filler quests that have you hunt six of the game’s smaller creatures or gather a dozen mushrooms. All of the missions are big game hunts with no fluff thrown in.

You can spend time in the hub town of Ramsgate between missions to craft, fine-tune your slayer and forge new gear, and the hunts themselves allow you to team up with up to three other players. To keep players coming back for more, there are dozens of “Mastery” levels to work through for each weapon and Behemoth, giving players specific tasks to tackle and unlock more gear.

Again, it’s free, so be sure to give it a gander later this week.

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