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1477331cookie-checkSonic The Hedgehog Movie Delayed To February 14th, 2020 So They Can Fix Sonic’s Fugly CGI

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Delayed To February 14th, 2020 So They Can Fix Sonic’s Fugly CGI

Director Jeff Fowler made a tweet on May 24th, 2019 indicating that the Sonic The Hedgehog movie would be delayed from its fall release into an early 2020 release on February 14th.

The tweet has a hashtag attached that jokes that none of the VFX artists were harmed in the making of the movie, a reference to some people who were negatively criticizing the film’s production for redoing the Sonic model and having to force the effects artists into crunch to meet the release date deadline.

To further put into context the hashtag, a bunch of agitators on social media like Rami Ismail helped to trend this idea that changing up the Sonic CGI from that fugly design into something remotely aesthetically palatable would force the visual effects team into “crunch”.

Rami and other game developers were all over Twitter on May 3rd virtue signaling how wrong crunch culture is.

The movie was supposed to be out on November 8th later this year, but there was a lot of pushback from social media addicts who tried virtue signaling that the production team couldn’t fix Sonic’s terrible CGI design in time to make the November 8th release.

We have no idea how Sonic will be fixed or what sort of fixed they’ll implement. Gamers, fans, and furries alike all railed on the original design depicted in the debut trailer, which saw Sonic looking like a perverted, nightmare amalgamation of the dark side of DeviantArt meets the degenerate side of Tumblr. The results were the likes of which trauma is made.

Various artists tried fixing Sonic to the best of their ability, as outlined in videos like the one by xXAntitoxGammerXx.

With all the talk about fixing Sonic and delaying it so that he’ll look less like a fugly pedo-hog, some people took the opportunity to have a little fun with all of the news and give the fandom something truly worthy of what the brand has (d)evolved into.

YouTuber surreal entertainment made a trailer that perfectly captures what Sonic The Hedgehog should hope to achieve when it releases on February 14th, 2020.

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