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Ultra Ultra The Makers Of ECHO Have Shut Down; ECHO Movie Still In The Works

Ultra Uitra, the indie outfit that made the third-person action-stealth game, ECHO, have announced that they have ceased to operate and are shutting down. The company also confirmed that the film rights to ECHO have not gone to waste and the movie is still in the works.

The news came courtesy of a tweet on May 7th, 2019 where they announced that the studio was done.

The good part is that ECHO is still available for purchase on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4, along with being available as a digital download on PC from and the Steam store.

The game is a unique stealth-action title where you attempt to make your way through a decadent labyrinth of sorts filled with AI clones that adapt to your behavior by mimicking what you do. Eventually their goal is to use the player’s own tactics against them and overwhelm them.

Apparently a movie studio thought the concept was cool enough to make a film out of it. According to the Ultra Ultra Twitter feed the film is still in the making after someone asked about it.

They don’t mention an ETA on when the film will arrive or if they have any involvement with the film, but at least you can still check out the game in the meantime.

It’s a shame that a developer like Ultra Ultra bit the dust, even though they were willing to step outside the box and create something unique and original, unlike every AAA studio out there that isn’t Nintendo.

(Thanks for the news tip Djinn)

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