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1482430cookie-checkMiyazaki Says Elden Ring Is A Third-Person Action-RPG Set In A Fantasy World

Miyazaki Says Elden Ring Is A Third-Person Action-RPG Set In A Fantasy World

It should come in as no surprise that Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin’s forthcoming game Elden Ring will sport elements of Dark Souls. Well, in a recent interview, Miyazaki states that fans can expect Elden Ring to be a third-person action-RPG set in a fantasy world “heavily based on Dark Souls.”

Around a week ago, we reported that FromSoftware was working on a rumored game for PC and home consoles with the help of George R. R. Martin called “Elden Ring.” Lo and behold the leaks were right, and the rumored game, Elden Ring, will give third-person RPG fans something to look forward to in the near future.

Thanks to website, we learn a little bit more about the game straight from the mind behind the Souls games and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and what Elden Ring has in store for potential fans:

“Elden Ring is a third-person action RPG with a fantasy setting. Gameplay-wise, it’s heavily based on Dark Souls.


However, that doesn’t mean that it plays out in the same way. With a more open and vast environment, the way combat plays out becomes fundamentally different.”

Something worth noting is that Elden Ring doesn’t play out exactly in the same way as Souls games do in that the forthcoming game has a more open and vast environment, and combat pans out fundamentally different according to Miyazaki.

We also learn that the game will have a “customizable character” option, and the ability to traverse through/around the world on a horse.

But, Elden Ring will not have towns, cities or NPCs to interact with and here’s why:

“Creating a new type of game is a big challenge for us. If we would add towns on top of that, it would become a bit too much, so we decided to create an open world style game focused on what we are best at.”

Elden Ring is set to hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One at an unknown date.

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