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Judge Dismisses Nick Sandmann’s $250 Million Lawsuit Against Washington Post

Dashed hopes. That’s pretty much what a lot of people felt when the news circulated that Covington Catholic high school’s Nick Sandmann had his $250 million lawsuit against the Washington Post scuttled by a federal judge.

Yahoo! News is reporting that the case was dismissed, with judge William Bertelsman claiming that the Washington Post did nothing wrong. He stated that Nathan Phillips told the Washington Post something and they printed it, therefore Phillips had a right to express himself, writing…

“[Phillips] concluded that he was being blocked and not allowed to retreat. He passed these conclusions on to The Post. They may have been erroneous, but, as discussed above, they are opinion protected by the First Amendment.”

Bertelsman also dismissed the defamation and harassment that Sandmann and his fellow classmates suffered via social media due to the news organizations misreporting the matter.

You can see the video coverage of the event below from the Washington Post’s YouTube channel.

Yahoo!, outlined that judge Bertelsman claimed that the social media scorn was “irrelavant” to the defamation case…

“Bertelsman also ruled it was irrelevant to the defamation case that “Sandmann was scorned on social media.”


“Bertelsman wrote that Nick’s lawsuit employed “precisely the type of explanation or innuendo that cannot enlarge or add to the sense or affect of the words charged to be libelous.”

While the Washington Post lawsuit is now a total bust, which was originally filed back in February of 2019, there’s still the CNN lawsuit for $275 million, and the NBC Universal lawsuit for $250 million.

Hopefully there’s some kind of prevailing justice against the mainstream media’s smear job against the high school students, otherwise we’ll continue to see the media’s calumny go unabated as they destroy the lives of people all to push their own ideological agendas.

(Thanks for the news tip WaifuHunter88)

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